12 Assisted Living Communities near Louisville

In the Louisville area, we found 12 Assisted Living Properties you might love.

Sunrise Of Louisville

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6700 Overlook Drive, Louisville, KY
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Suite  ·  Studio  ·  One Bedroom
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Assisted Living  ·  Independent Living  ·  Memory Care  ·  Respite Care
Step into a Sunrise community and you can get help but feel at home. We stop at nothing to make your experience warm and inviting, from our homelik

Franciscan Health Care Center

Estimated $3,909/month
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3625 Fern Valley Rd, Louisville, KY
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Suite  ·  Studio  ·  One Bedroom
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Assisted Living  ·  Respite Care  ·  Skilled Nursing Facility

The Episcopal Church Home

Estimated $2,801/month
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7504 Westport Road, Louisville, KY
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Suite  ·  Studio  ·  One Bedroom
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Assisted Living  ·  Independent Living  ·  Continuing Care Retirement Community(CCRC)  ·  Memory Care  ·  Respite Care  ·  Skilled Nursing Facility
In the early 1800’s, a young man in Louisville, Kentucky named John P. Morton became seriously ill with fever and found himself in need of prolonged

Magnolia Springs Louisville

Estimated $4,935/month
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8225 Whipps Mill Rd, Louisville, KY
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Suite  ·  Studio  ·  One Bedroom
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Assisted Living  ·  Memory Care

Twinbrook Assisted Living

Estimated $4,210/month Not Yet Rated
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3525 Ephraim Mc Dowell Dr, Louisville, KY
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Suite  ·  Studio  ·  One Bedroom
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Assisted Living  ·  Respite Care

Beehive Home Of Lyndon

Estimated $3,695/month Not Yet Rated
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8401 La Grange Rd, Louisville, KY
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Assisted Living  ·  Board and Care Home

Dominion Senior Living of Louisville (Opening Winter 2018)

Estimated $4,816/month Not Yet Rated
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6000 Hunting Road, Louisville, KY
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Suite  ·  Studio  ·  One Bedroom
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Assisted Living  ·  Memory Care  ·  Respite Care

The Mansion on Main

Not Yet Rated
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1420 E Main Street, New Albany, IN
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Suite  ·  Studio  ·  One Bedroom
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Assisted Living  ·  Respite Care


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2715 Charlestown Pike, Jeffersonville, IN
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Suite  ·  Studio  ·  One Bedroom
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Assisted Living  ·  Memory Care  ·  Respite Care

Bennett Place

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3928 HORNE AVE, New Albany, IN
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Suite  ·  Studio
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Assisted Living

Windsor Ridge

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2700 WATERS EDGE PKWY, Jeffersonville, IN
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Suite  ·  Studio
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Assisted Living

Azalea Hills

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3700 Lafayette Pkwy, Floyds Knobs, IN
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Suite  ·  Studio  ·  One Bedroom
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Assisted Living  ·  Independent Living  ·  Skilled Nursing Facility

Living is relaxed in Louisville, and it's easy for seniors to find an assisted living community that meets their needs. Moving to assisted living is still a big step, though, so we've put together this guide to help you make the important decisions involved.

What is Assisted Living?

Assisted living communities are designed to help seniors who need a little assistance with the activities of daily living (ADLs), which include grooming, bathing, and dressing. Typically, the staff also provides help with housekeeping and medication management, and all maintenance, including outdoor maintenance, is handled by the facility as well. Nonmedical care is provided around the clock, and sometimes medical care is available during the daytime hours, with therapists, physicians or nurses making regular visits.

Assisted living communities also relieve seniors of the burden of having to prepare their own meals, and typically provide three healthy meals a day in a communal dining hall. Seniors may also have access to microwaves in their own kitchenettes.

One of the most valuable aspects of assisted living communities is the social interaction they provide. Most assisted living communities have exercise facilities and offer fitness programs, as well as a variety of social activities. These activities have a strong positive effect on seniors, helping them to maintain their health as they age. The social connections provided help seniors to feel at home and dissipate the loneliness that many seniors living alone experience.

What Services are Available in Assisted Living in Louisville?

Assisted living communities in Louisville offer a variety services. These services will vary by size and location; however, here are some typical services available at most assisted living near you:

  • Assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs)
  • Medication management
  • Security & supervision
  • Basic housekeeping
  • Daily meals
  • Health and exercise programs
  • Transportation

Your loved one in an assisted living community in Louisville receives whatever assistance they may need with the activities of daily living. The staff also handles their personal laundry and keeps bed linens changed.

All the residents' nutrition needs are met within an assisted living community. If your loved one has food allergies, nutritional issues, or other dietary preferences, the kitchen staff should be able to offer meal choices to meet their needs via meals in the shared dining hall. In addition, some assisted living communities feature cafes and snack bars to allow extra dining options.

Social activities in assisted living facilities provide the entire community with opportunities for connection, learning, and fun. Within the community, your loved one can expect to have opportunities to join in exercise classes, cooking classes, game clubs, book clubs, and singalongs. On-site amenities at some assisted living communities include beauty salons, gyms, media rooms, and outdoor walking paths. Seniors use day trips for shopping as well as visits to local parks, libraries, and entertainment, and transportation is also typically available to help residents get to medical appointments.

Getting Ready to Move to Assisted Living in Louisville

Before your loved one can move to the assisted living community of their choice in Louisville, they typically have to undergo two evaluations. First, they have to visit their personal physician, who conducts a thorough evaluation of their mental and physical condition. This is to help assure you that moving to an assisted living community is the right step.

Your loved one's physician is also the source for much of the information the assisted living community needs. This might include a list of all current prescriptions, information about any dietary needs your loved one has, and an inventory of all your loved one's medical conditions and therapy needs.

The second evaluation is handled by the assisted living community staff, who often come to your loved one's home to perform it. They want to make sure the transition to assisted living is the right move. To do this, they evaluate how much help your loved one needs with the activities of daily living. If the facility can't provide the services your loved one requires, they can probably recommended another community better equipped to meet their needs.

How Much Does Assisted Living Cost in Louisville?

The average monthly cost of assisted living in Louisville is $4,500 according to the Genworth Cost of Care Calculator.

Assisted living costs in Louisville are low compared to many areas of the country. The average monthly charge for assisted living is about $3,000, which covers far more than rent. On the low end, you can find basic assisted living options for as little as $1,900, and even the most luxurious facility is unlikely to charge more than $5,000.

When you break down what your loved one is currently paying for rent, utilities, and food, you're likely to find that the charges for assisted living are reasonable indeed — especially when you consider that they also include housekeeping, laundry, social activities, and all the personal care needed to assist with the activities of daily living.

Basic assisted living communities, which run at the low end of the financial spectrum, are an ideal choice for seniors who like staying indoors and who wouldn't take advantage in all the amenities some communities offer. If money is an issue, sharing a room can cut down on the fees significantly. Even at this basic level, you can count on trained staff, healthy meals, and a welcoming residential environment.

More luxurious communities are certainly available as well — in fact, in some cases, you might be forgiven for confusing them with a resort-style hotel. Here, you can expect your loved one to live in a spacious apartment and have access to pools, gyms, customized meal plans with plenty of choices, and on-site medical care.

In between these options are the boutique assisted living communities that provide all the needed care within a comfortable home. Here, your loved one is likely to have a small private apartment and a decent array of amenities, usually including exercise facilities. Of course, meals and personal care are also provided here as well.

Our local Seniorly Partner Agents often have the ability to negotiate monthly rent and fees on your behalf at many of the communities you might be interested in. This is a free service to you. To connect to a Seniorly Partner Agent email us now at ask@seniorly.com or call (855) 866-4515.

What’s the Difference Between Assisted Living vs. Other Senior Care Types?

Assisted living separates itself from other types of senior care by its placemet on the continuum of care. Assisted living sits exactly between independent living and skilled nursing facilities, often referred to as nursing homes, on this spectrum.

Assisted living isn't the only type of residential care available to seniors. On one end of the spectrum of available care is independent living, designed for seniors who don't need any help with the activities of daily living. On the other end of the spectrum are skilled nursing facilities, ideal for seniors with medical needs that can't really be handled through assisted living. In the middle of the spectrum is assisted living itself.

  • If your loved one doesn't need help with the activities of daily living, an independent living community is a great choice. Here, seniors take care of themselves within a community that provides the kind of amenities they need to stay connected and social. Often seniors own their own homes in these communities, and they take care of their own meals and housekeeping.
  • In skilled nursing facilities, also known as nursing homes, seniors who need medical care around the clock are cared for and often monitored 24/7. These facilities are aimed at seniors who are no longer able to be physically active or independent.

Balanced between these two ends of the senior care spectrum is assisted living. Here, seniors receive the minimal care they need to continue to enjoy an active and vibrant life.

Helpful Apps and Websites for Assisted Living in Louisville

Your laptop or mobile phone can connect you to all sorts of apps and services that make life a little easier throughout Louisville. Seniors in assisted living, especially those who aren't able to drive, can take advantage of several of these convenient apps that bring goods and services right to their front door.

  • Soothe is an app that brings a trained massage therapist right to your home to provide relief for aching muscles and joints.
  • If your loved one wants something a little different for dinner, Postmates picks up food from local restaurants and fast food joints and delivers it still warm and ready to eat.
  • Call Uber in Louisville when you need a ride to the local mall, movie theater or library.
  • The Glam App brings beauty professionals to you so you can get your hair done, have your nail polished changed, or have makeup applied without having to leave home.

These services and more are all available by smartphone or laptop to give your loved one more time with friends.

Resources for Caregivers in Louisville

There are plenty of resources available in Louisville to lend a hand to caregivers of seniors. Respite care, legal resources, elder abuse prevention and more is available through public and private resources. Also available are a myriad of support groups, many keyed to specific medical conditions including hemophilia, breast cancer, hearing loss, myasthenia gravis, and diabetes.

Take a look at some of these programs designed to help Louisville caregivers:

Government Resources for Seniors in Louisville

The Kentucky Department for Aging and Independent Living is devoted to helping seniors experience quality living. This government agency provides caregiver support services, adult day care, respite care for seniors with Alzheimer's disease, and help for seniors with traumatic brain injuries, in addition to assistance finding an assisted living community within the state.

The Jefferson County Area Agency on Aging & Independent Living exists to provide services that promote the health, safety, and well-being of seniors. To this end, the agency provides advocacy services, in-home care, caregiver support, health insurance, and transportation services, as well as operating a network of senior centers.

Louisville Demographics

With a population of more than 600,000, Louisville is the largest city in Kentucky and the 30th largest city in the United States. Kentucky is filled with people who were born in the state and never left (70% of the population), and many folks in Louisville can trace family history back several generations here. Fully 30% of the population are Southern Baptists, and there are also many Lutherans, Roman Catholics, and Evangelicals in the city, many of them of German descent. Louisville, which was recently ranked the 7th safest city in the country, continues to grow, mostly due to rural Kentucky residents moving to the urban area.

Louisville Weather

Kentucky, including Louisville, gets a bit more rain than most of the country, the better to keep that bluegrass growing. Nevertheless, there are an average of 195 days of sun each year and only 9 average days of snow. The comfort index in Louisville is about average for the country.

Transportation in and Around Louisville

The Transit Authority of River City covers all of Louisville by bus, with service extending into southern Indiana as well. Free rides are available throughout downtown Louisville via the LouLift Downtown Circulator, and various taxi services and Uber also ply the streets.

Fun Facts About Louisville

Louisville is well known as the home of the Kentucky Derby, the most famous horse race in the country and the first stop toward winning the Triple Crown. During the Derby, more than 100,000 mint juleps are imbibed each year — not surprising, perhaps, when you realize that 95% of the world's bourbon is distilled in Kentucky. As part of the Derby celebration, Thunder Over Louisville produces the world's largest fireworks display.

Louisville Hospital Information

Louisville is home to quite a few hospitals that are noted as high performing in multiple specialties and procedures. Baptist Health Louisville and its sister hospital, Baptist Health Floyd, across the river in New Albany, Indiana, lead the pack. Other excellent hospitals include Norton Hospital, which has health center outreaches throughout the city, and Jewish Hospital, which is affiliated with KentuckyOne Health.

Assisted Living Community Ratings, Inspection Reports and User Reviews for Louisville

The Kentucky Department for Aging and Independent Living certifies all assisted living communities throughout the state, providing a valuable list of certified facilities. Consumers can review the certification data and rankings at the agency's website, as well as accessing other resources.

Within Louisville, you can find consumer reviews of assisted living communities on social media such as Yelp and Facebook. Unedited user comments let you get a sense of what it's like to live in each community. In addition, Louisville's Better Business Bureau grades assisted living facilities on a scale from A+ to F, so you can compare the various communities you're thinking about.

What Questions Should I Ask When Touring Assisted Living Facilities in Louisville?

While touring assisted living facilities in Louisville, these are the top 10 questions you should ask to learn the most about each community:

  1. Does each resident in the assisted living community have a written care plan prepared for them? Who prepares the plan?
  2. What happens if the resident isn't happy with the food? Are there custom options available? Are there kitchenettes with microwaves in the apartments? Can the resident order in food?
  3. Are there any services provided or available that aren't included in the monthly cost (such as diabetes care)? Which services are these, and what is the extra fee?
  4. What health care services are available or provided, if any? Are there health care professionals (therapists, podiatrists, etc.) who make regular visits to the facility?
  5. What happens if a resident requires a higher level of care than the facility can provide?
  6. Does the facility offer worship services? If not, are arrangements made to transport residents to worship services?
  7. Are cable TV, telephone and internetservice included in the monthly fee? If not, can a resident make arrangements for them privately?
  8. Under what circumstances might a resident be discharged? Who makes that decision?
  9. Can residents bring in their own personal furniture?
  10. How does the facility bill for services? What happens if a resident is unable to pay?

These questions are just a start on everything you probably want to know about the assisted living facilities you're considering. To keep going, take a look at our exclusive and comprehesive list of questions that can help you make a wise choice between the assisted living communities in Louisville.