94 Assisted Living Communities near Dallas

In the Dallas area, we found 94 Assisted Living Properties you might love. Also, there are 14 Independent Living Communities.

Assisted Living At Silver Gardens

Estimated $3,005/month
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3980 Deep Valley Dr, Dallas, TX
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Assisted Living  ·  Board and Care Home  ·  Respite Care

Texsen Group Homes, Llc

Estimated $3,368/month Not Yet Rated
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3755 Crown Shore Dr, Dallas, TX
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Assisted Living  ·  Board and Care Home

Bradfield Place

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3700 Oates Drive, Mesquite, TX
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Suite  ·  Studio  ·  One Bedroom
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Assisted Living  ·  Independent Living  ·  Respite Care  ·  Memory Care
Inside Bradfield Place, you'll find a cozy fireplace, a peaceful library, and a caring senior living community. We develop individual care plans to m

West Fork Village

Estimated $3,996/month
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820 North Britain Road, Irving, TX
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Suite  ·  Studio  ·  One Bedroom
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Assisted Living  ·  Independent Living  ·  Respite Care
Brookdale Irving is an Independent Living and Assisted Living community for seniors in the heart of Irving, Texas. Our community is the perfect plac

What is Assisted Living?

Assisted living communities provide residents with comfort and independence in a supportive community. The Texas Health and Human Services department defines assisted living as “individualized health and personal care assistance.” Generally speaking, assisted living is offered to seniors in a setting similar to their own home where staff provides a level of care focused on helping each resident maintain dignity, autonomy and privacy. The community setting for assisted living properties ranges from shared rooms or small studios to one-bedroom apartments and private residences.

What Services are Available in Assisted Living in Dallas?

Assisted living communities in Dallas will offer varying types of services depending on size and location; however, here are some general services you can expect at most assisted living near you:

  • Assistance with activities of daily living
  • Medication management
  • Security & supervision
  • Basic housekeeping
  • Daily meals
  • Health and exercise programs
  • Transportation

The type of care offered in a particular assisted living community depends upon both the setup of the property itself and the individual needs of residents. Some assisted living communities offer basic services that include assistance with housekeeping, laundry, transportation to and from the community and prepared meals. Other assisted living communities provide a greater range of services that include, but are not limited to, health and welfare programs, onsite festivals and celebrations for residents and assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs). Seniors are encouraged to learn as much as possible about a community to ensure it offers levels of care that match their individual mental, emotional and physical needs.

Getting Ready to Move to Assisted Living in Dallas

Aging citizens in the Dallas area have a lot of choices when it comes to senior living properties throughout the city. The best way to select a property is to start by including family members and healthcare professionals in the process. Coordinating with your regular doctor in advance ensures that the potential assisted living communities in consideration have the proper healthcare services onsite to maintain the current level of health for each resident. As an adult child researching senior living communities for an aging parent, get involved in the decision-making process as well so you can provide your own insight and help evaluate the amenities, services and accommodations available at any Dallas, assisted living community.

As various senior living properties are compared, it’s a good idea to keep track of the factors that matter most to the individual. Take the time to compare the level of care offered onsite, access to nearby medical clinics and hospitals, types of accommodations offered, and onsite amenities such as chef-prepared meals, physical therapy classes, social engagement opportunities and options for local outings.

How Much Does Assisted Living Cost in Dallas?

The average monthly cost of assisted living in Dallas is $4,000 according to the Genworth Cost of Care survey 2017.

Assisted living is among the more basic care levels available for aging citizens, but that isn’t always reflected in the costs associated with senior living communities. The specific level of care and local economic factors play a big role in the costs of assisted living, but these are not the lone factors that come into play. The state of Texas enjoys an average cost for assisted living that is lower than the national average. Statewide, the average cost for this level of care at a senior living property is $3,515 per month compared to $3,750 nationwide. It is worth noting, however, that Dallas average costs are among the highest in Texas and range from $4,000 to $4,500 per month.

As you and your family members compare the costs of various senior communities, it’s important to keep the following factors in mind as these also play a role in overall costs:

  • Level of individual care (scope of ADLs assistance, for example)
  • Accommodations available (shared rooms vs. private residences)
  • Availability of amenities such as bars, bistros, salons, fitness centers and pools
  • Existence and variety of social gathers, programs, and excursions in the local area

You and your loved one should remember that the cost of assisted living communities in Dallas, isn’t directly associated with quality. Just because a community has a lower price does not mean it is a subpar location. Likewise, more expensive assisted living is not a guarantee that all services and levels of care available are equal in quality. Be sure to closely compare the costs and available levels of care or service with individual needs.

Our local Seniorly Partner Agents often have the ability to negotiate monthly rent and fees on your behalf at many of the communities you might be interested in.  This is a free service to you.  To connect to a Seniorly Partner Agent email us now at ask@seniorly.com or call (855) 866-4515.

What’s the Difference Between Assisted Living vs. Other Senior Care Types?

One can distinguish assisted living from other levels of senior care by its placement on the continuum of care. Assisted living sits in the middle between independent living and skilled nursing facilities, sometimes called nursing homes.

Assisted living is designed for seniors who want to maintain independence and dignity without the stress of homeownership and maintenance. There are other levels of care and types of communities available in Dallas, that include:

  • In-Home Care: Nurses come to an aging citizen's home to provide basic healthcare, meal delivery services provide pre-cooked meals and transportation companies offer rides to and from appointments.
  • Memory Care: These communities are for those seniors struggling with Alzheimer’s or other advanced forms of dementia.
  • Short-Term Care: Aging citizens in need of temporary care following surgery or illness can rely on short-term care communities for assistance.
  • Hospice Care: Designed for seniors requiring specialized care for terminal illnesses, around-the-clock assistance with ADLs, or compassionate care with end-of-life services can turn to hospice communities.

Helpful Apps and Websites for Assisted Living in Dallas

Whether you want to maintain greater independence while living at home or want to enjoy additional services in your senior living community, Seniorly has compiled a detailed list of the most helpful apps and websites to achieve those goals. You don't have to worry about your own mobility or proximity to local services with the help of apps that can do everything from coordinate the delivery of groceries right to your door to arranging for a pet care service to come feed, groom, and walk your dog in your assisted living community. With these services, you can maintain greater independence at home and at your senior living property. To learn more about these apps and services, visit our website here to read about 19 helpful services for aging citizens in the Dallas area.

Resources for Caregivers in Dallas

If you are caring for an aging parent or another family member, it's important to realize that you aren’t alone in ensuring the health and well-being of older family members. Caregiver resources are available from private organizations and local government agencies in Dallas, which make it easier to provide seniors with quality care while ensuring you take care of yourself as well. We have an extensive selection here of caregiver resources in Dallas.

Government Resources for Seniors in Dallas

Among the benefits of living in a large heavily populated state is access to a variety of resources on the state and local level. Seniors and adult children looking for residential senior living communities can turn to agencies such as the North Central Texas Council of Governments. Serving a total of 14 counties, including six of the eight counties in Dallas, the NCTCG coordinates a network of health and social services for area residents 60 and older.

As an aging citizen living in Tarrant County in the Dallas, area, you can also turn to the Tarrant County Area Agency on Aging to find local-area services, mobility assistance programs, meal plans, housing assistance and help to get access to services.

Dallas Demographics

Dallas is one of the largest metropolitan areas in the United States, both in terms of population and land area. The combined metro area has a population of 7.23 million people with a strong economy that delivers a median household income of $63,812 for residents. Dallas is also a young city, with a median age of just 34.8 years old for its residents. It is also a diverse area, with the population being 47.1 percent Caucasian, 28.6 percent Hispanic and 15.2 percent African-American.

Dallas Weather

The average daily temperature for the year in Dallas is a comfortable 65.25 degrees, but the area’s weather changes are highlighted by hot, humid summers and cooler, comfortable fall and winter months. The average high in July and August is 96 and 97 (respectively), with average lows around 74. Conversely, the average high in December and January is 57 with a low of 34. Unlike coastal cities in southern Texas, Dallas summers feel warmer due to a lack of coastal breezes from the Gulf of Mexico.

Transportation in and Around Dallas

Dallas - Fort Worth is served by two major airports. Dallas-Love Field accommodates budget airlines in a smaller facility, while Dallas-Ft. Worth International (DFW) is a major international airport in the United States and is a hub for American Airlines. Visitors can both get to the city easily via these airports and get around the area efficiently using Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART). The DART system combines light rail, Trinity Railway Express commuter lines, bus routes and paratransit services to move 220,000 passengers daily over a 700-square-mile footprint.

Fun Facts About Dallas

Dallas is neither the capital city of Texas nor its largest, with those honors going to Austin and Houston respectively. However, that doesn’t mean that Dallas is without its charm. The Dallas Public Library keeps one of the original copies of the United States Declaration of Independence on hand which was originally printed on July 4, 1776, long before Texas was its own republic or even a U.S. state. Additionally, Dallas is the largest metropolitan area in the United States not situated on a navigable body of water.

Dallas Hospital Information

As a senior or the loved one of an aging citizen seeking assisted living communities in Dallas, you can rest easy knowing that the metro area offers excellent access to healthcare and quality coverage. Dallas is home to seven major healthcare systems, which include within their ranks the nationally ranked services and facilities at Baylor University Medical Center – Dallas, The Baylor Institute for Rehabilitation, Parkland Memorial Hospital, Presbyterian Hospital and the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas, just to name a few.

Assisted Living Community Ratings, Inspection Reports and User Reviews for Dallas

The state of Texas maintains a dedicated service for state residents and residents of senior living communities to ensure safety and quality for those who call these communities home. The Texas Health and Human Services department oversees these records and ensures that aging citizens and family members can conduct long-term care provider searches to learn about community locations, program types and also view inspection reports based upon visits conducted by state officials. While these resources are invaluable, you or a loved one should make use of a variety of resources when comparing different communities.

Inspection reports from local and state government agencies focus on the nuts and bolts of services, accommodations and operational efficiencies. However, online user reviews offer better first-hand accounts from others who have visited a particular senior living property, live in those properties, or have family members living in them. Before you make any choices when narrowing down a list of assisted living communities, ask for inspection reports from the property, conduct a search on the Texas HHS website and seek out user reviews online.

What Questions Should I Ask When Touring Assisted Living Facilities in Dallas?

When looking for an assisted living facility in Dallas, it is recommended that you ask these 10 important questions:

  1. What type of training does the staff have?
  2. Are background checks performed on all staff?
  3. What is the staff turnover rate?
  4. Are registered nurses (RNs) onsite? If so, how often?
  5. Do individual rooms have private bathrooms?
  6. Are pets allowed? If so, what type?
  7. How many meals are provided per day in the cost?
  8. Does the menu vary from day to day? How often is the menu changed?
  9. What common spaces are available to residents?
  10. What types of activities are available and how often?

However, there are many more questions you might want to ask. For a more comprehensive list, look at our list of questions you must ask when visiting a senior living property.