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If you’re ready to dust off your luggage and start some retirement travel, this blog will give you some great places to start. You’ll find sites for travel in the U.S., Europe, Asia, and just about any destination you can think of. There are also websites dedicated just to cruise travel, solo trips, couple’s trips and trips for women.

There are even sites for travel with disabilities and volunteer trips designed specifically for seniors.

Where to Start

What kind of trip are you looking for? Do you want to be active and explore a new city or country? Or does sailing away on a cruise ship with exotic ports to visit more your style?  Are you single, interested in a small group adventure?  Or maybe an anniversary trip, just for the two of you? You’re in luck because there’s never been more travel websites for seniors. And that means deals, discounts and something for everyone.

All Inclusive Resorts

All-inclusive resorts are very popular among seniors who want to leave all the planning to someone else. Think of it, as stress-free travel at it’s finest. Everything you need-from lodging to food and daily activities are covered. These resorts range from quiet, romantic getaways to non-stop adventure if you choose. Here are some great all-inclusive resorts to check out:

  • Bear Creek Couples Resort

    • An all-inclusive retreat in Ontario, Canada that lies next to Algonquin Park. Sample gourmet fare and enjoy wilderness luxury. You can spend the afternoon at the spa or rent a motorboat and fishing gear. In the winter, enjoy snowshoeing dog sleds and horse trails.

  • Sun Palace Cancun Resort 

    • Relax in sunny Cancun, Mexico at this top-notch resort. Enjoy golf, delicious food and poolside amenities.


Adventure Travel

If adventure is what you have in mind, whether you’re single, a couple or want to be part of a small group- here are some great sites for you:

  • Elderhostel

    • With almost 8,000 tours in 90 countries, Elderhostel is a popular tour choice for many traveler’s 55 and older. At the heart of Elderhostel tours are educational components. That can include lectures, field trips with experts and interactions with locals and their culture.  There are also “tailored” tours for those with a passion such as “bird watching in Costa Rica”.

    • Check out the Elderhostel website for more information.

  • is another great site for seniors looking for adventure. It’s the first adventure travel site designed specifically for people 55 and older. These all-inclusive land journeys focus on adventure, culture and nature.

  • Walking The World Offers travel and adventure hiking tours for people 50 and better. Walking is the best way to experience all the majesty that nature has to offer, all over the world. It’s also a great way to experience varied cultures, villages, meet the local people and sample some of the world’s finest food and drink.


Volunteer Trips

For an economical way to not only see the world but give back as well, these trips may be for you. The practice of seniors volunteering while traveling has exploded over the last decade. While once, long term service abroad (six months to a year) has mainly appealed to “younger” post-college adults looking for real-world experience for a resume, older people have discovered a different reason for giving back. Able-bodied seniors have found these trips to give them a new lease on life and a true sense of accomplishment, giving back to a charity or cause they believe in.​ Here are some great sites to help begin your journey:


Travel with Disabilities

“Disabled” or “Accessible” travel is on the rise. The travel industry is responding to disabled traveler’s special needs by providing more services and greater accommodation.

If you are disabled, there’s no need to let that hold you back from travel. You can experience a fantastic trip—just about anywhere in the world if you plan ahead and do some research. This website has some great tips and links to other sites that can help you begin your adventure!



Probably among the most popular way to travel for seniors, cruises are a great way to see the world while enjoying all the amenities today’s cruise ships have to offer. And cruises are almost always offering great deals and discounts to seniors.


​​Trips For Women

There are even websites for travel just for women over 50.

For more information on senior activities and retirement planning, visit the Seniorly Resource Center and browse through our Top Categories! 

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Tami Rogers is a mom, award winning writer, passionate chef, blogger and frequent contributor to Seniorly and other sites dedicated to seniors and aging well. She also writes for parenting magazines and websites focused on the emotional well being of teens.

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