What can I do to help my grandma who is always cold? She even keeps the heat on in the summertime!

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Thanks for your question! 

Unfortunately as the body ages, the skin tends to thin out and lose much of the subcutaneous fat that used to hold in body heat. In addition, blood flow is focused on providing oxygen to the vital organs such as your heart and brain. So it's perfectly normal for your grandma to be cold, especially in the extremities such as the hands and feet. 
You can help her out by purchasing woolen shawls or cardigans that she can wear year-round, as well as stylish gloves that hold in heat and moisture. Retailers such as Buck & Buck have warm clothing specially designed for older people that are practical and stylish (http://www.buckandbuck.com/). 
You may also want to consider gifting her a box of exotic teas, which will not only warm her up but also provide a range of health benefits! 
Your grandma is lucky to have someone so caring looking out for her. Feel free to contact us if you have any more questions! 
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