My mom is 75 and still living independently. She is fairly mobile, but I want to be prepared if she ever falls and gets injured at home. What can I do?

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Thanks for asking! There are several things you can do to prepare in case your mother ever falls and gets injured at home. 

First, you may want to consider installing an emergency fall monitoring system such as Life Alert or LifeFone. These are relatively inexpensive and can give you peace of mind knowing that your mom will be able to call for help if she ever falls at home while you are not there. 
Secondly, the best way to prevent falls is to maintain a safe living environment. For example, make sure the home is filled with good lighting, keep pathways clear of clutter, and install grab bars to help your mother remain mobile as she ages in place. 
Lastly, consider what you will do if you are home when she falls. Keep in mind that it's often hard for seniors to tell if they have been injured during a fall, so it's best for them to stay where they are until emergency responders can help. Have 911 on speed dial in case of an emergency and stay with your mother until an ambulance arrives. You can also call local non-emergency services such as the fire department and ask for a "lift assist". These personnel are trained in helping lift a fallen senior, and they have the proper tools to assist you in case of an emergency. 
Keep in mind that you should never try to lift her on your own! You could injure yourself as well as your mother, so it is best to wait for someone trained in lifting a fallen individual. 
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