My father is still living independently. He refuses physical assistance of any kind, but I am so worried about him getting injured from safety hazards around the home. How can I help him while still respecting his wishes?

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Thanks for reaching out. I understand your concerns; falls are the leading cause of injury to seniors, and living independently (aging in place) can increase your father's risk of falling. Although he may refuse your physical assistance in the activities of daily living, there are some things you can do to make the home safer for him. 

First, visit him and assess the stability of the home. Some common home hazards that cause falls include uneven stairs, throw rugs, electrical cords, etc. Take a close look in each room and try a bit of reorganizing to reduce tripping hazards. If you notice a lack of handrails near stairs or broken steps that may lead to a fall, you can hire someone to come in and work on these parts of the home to make it a safer aging environment for your father. 
Second, you may want to consider renovating his bathroom to make it more accessible for seniors. There are many companies that will come in and add grab bars inside and outside of the shower, as well as next to the toilet. This will help him remain safe and independent at the same time. 
For more resources related to independent living and safety precautions, check out this brochure that offers a checklist to help reduce the risk of falling: 
We hope this helps! 
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