My Dad is moving into an Assisted Living community next week. What can I do to help prepare him and make the transition easier?

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Thank you for your question. 

The move to an Assisted Living community can be a very positive experience, so long as you are prepared for the transition. There are a variety of things you can do to execute a successful move to your father's new community. Try these suggestions to help your father feel more comfortable and give yourself peace of mind when it comes time to move. 
1) Plan ahead, and ask other family members to pitch in during the moving process. For example, siblings may be able to help with packing, storage, and communicating with the moving company (if you are working with one). You will also need someone to volunteer to be the transportation for moving day. Be open to suggestions and keep a positive attitude and the whole process will go more smoothly. 
2) Have you decided who will be the POA for your father? If not, now is the perfect time to get the paperwork straightened out so that there are no surprises down the road. This is also a great time to discuss Living Wills, Health Care Directives, and more. If you need assistance, speak to a trusted lawyer or physician for advice in navigating complicated health matters. Seniorly also has a staff Gerontologist who can help with any urgent questions you may have about aging care. 
3) Talk to your father about what he hopes for in his new community. Is he going to be involved in community activities? Does he have specific dietary needs or restrictions? If so, be sure to contact the community manager or head nurse to tell them. Your father may also feel more comfortable if he is aware of who will be taking care of him ahead of time. The community should be able to provide this information a week ahead of time. 
4) This may seem a little self explanatory, but when you are setting up his new room, try to make it feel like home. Bring photos or comfort objects that may help your father more connected and less isolated in his new community. 
With a lot of love and a little support, your father will be moving into his new community with a positive attitude, ready to engage with others and remain happy in his new home. 
We truly hope this helps you in your transition! 

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