My aging mother has recently been gifting her most prized possessions to my children, which has them worrying about her health and end-of-life matters. How can I help them understand while still respecting my mom's wishes?

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It's perfectly natural for your mother to want to ensure that her property is distributed properly as she gets older. She may be anticipating health issues down the road, and gifting her prized possessions to ensure that her favorite things are cherished by the people who are most important to her in life. You may want to talk to your mother about creating a will that specifies what property should be given to whom after she is gone. This will lessen the urgency for her to give everything away right now, which may also ease your children's worries. 

Depending on the age of your children, you may also want to sit down and talk things through to help them understand what's going on. You can discuss the state of your mother's health and answer any questions they may have about the aging process. The Seniorly Resource Center is stocked with articles that can make this conversation easier ( 
Explain that her grandchildren are so important to her, and that gifting can give her a sense of peace, knowing that loved ones will have things to remember her by. 
We hope this helps! 

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