If I'm happy living independently, why should I consider a senior housing community?

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Great question! It's wonderful that you're still enjoying living independently. 

To answer your question, there are a couple of great benefits to living in a senior housing community that you may not have thought of yet. 
1) Communities offer tons of great opportunities to get involved and make new friends! Socialization is extremely important to staying healthy as we age, and the activities and events at senior living communities are meant to foster meaningful social connections that keep residents happy and engaged! 
2) Fall risks are decreased in senior communities, where rooms are designed to adhere to senior safety protocols and residents are supervised by care/medical staff. Moving to a senior community can be a great way to stay ahead in terms of health and mobility! 
3) Communities often partner with local charities and fundraising events, offering residents the chance to get out and give back to worthy causes. It's been proven that volunteering can help seniors develop better quality of life and contribute to longevity. Becoming a resident in a local community can open tons of doors for philanthropy opportunities and more! 
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