I am the primary caregiver for my aunt who has dementia. She has a habit of hiding her things at night before bed, which is frustrating because she can never find them in the morning. Is this normal? How can I help her?

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Hi Tami, thanks for your question! 

We understand your concerns, however, this is normal behavior for someone with dementia. She may not actually be "hiding" her things, but rather trying to find a safe place to keep them while she sleeps. Short term memory loss associated with dementia may be causing her to forget where she put these things when she wakes up. 
Try to have patience and be understanding. Personal objects from the past are probably very meaningful to her, helping her hold on to memories she would otherwise forget. Unfortunately, the confusion brought on by dementia may make her feel uneasy about letting someone else take care of these items. In order to build trust with your aunt so that she feels comfortable with you taking care of her prized possessions, there are a couple of things you can do. 
Try intercepting these things before she hides them. When she asks where they are, show her exactly where you are keeping them. When she asks for something in particular, you can retrieve the object and hand it back to her. Over time, this will build trust between the two of you, and eventually she will feel comfortable giving you the objects before bed, because she knows they will always be returned when she needs them. 
If you have any more questions about dementia care for your aunt, don't hesitate to ask. Seniorly's aging experts are happy to help with anything you need. 
All the best, 

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