How can I start a conversation with my aging mother about her care needs relating to depression?

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Glad you asked! Depending on the severity of your mother's condition and her history with depression, she may be more or less likely to open up about getting the care she needs. If you suspect that this will be a difficult topic to broach, you might want to start by relating to her feelings. Mention that you've been feeling a little down lately, and ask if she's been feeling the same. It's important for individuals with depression to feel that their emotions are validated and real. This is the first step toward getting the help she needs. If you think she is more likely to be open to your suggestions, try having a heart-to-heart when she seems to be in a good mood. Mention a great local therapist you've heard of, and suggest turning her weekly appointment into a girl's day for the two of you. You could get lunch together at a local cafe and then go to the appointment together. Shifting the focus toward spending time together can help her feel more comfortable and uplifted, which may help alleviate some of her symptoms and make her feel better about getting the help she needs. For more information on mental health options for aging individuals, check out this article in the Seniorly Resource Center: Wishing you and your mother all the best. Let us know if you have any more questions! Seniorly

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