Do you have any advice for someone looking to give up their caregiving duties? I need help convincing the rest of my family that this is the right move.

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Thanks for asking! We do have some very helpful information about navigating this difficult transition.

Whether you find yourself physically, emotionally, or financially unable to continue, the fact is you have every right to give up your caregiving duties. The best thing you can do to prepare for this transition is to figure out the next step in caring for your loved one. Family members will respond better to your announcement if you already have a plan in place. For example, you may want to look into hiring an in-home caregiver to replace you in your caregiving duties. They can handle transportation, medical records, and making appointments for your loved one, taking a great deal of responsibility off your plate. 
On the other hand, your family may decide that it makes more sense to move your loved one to a senior living community. Many families find that transitioning to assisted living saves them a good deal of money that would otherwise be spent on hiring a professional caregiver. 
This article may be helpful as you transition out of your role as family caregiver. 
Remember to be easy on yourself during this emotional time; give yourself recognition for caring for your loved one for so long. Your family is blessed to have you and hopefully (with the right approach) they will be understanding about your need to withdraw from your caregiving role. 
Wishing you all the best during this transition. We are here if you need any extra support! 

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