Seniorly CareTalks: On-Demand Transportation for Older Adults

Author: Jacqueline Hatch

| Published on: February,11 | Viewed: 3407 times



In the Seniorly CareTalks series, Lyft’s Director of Government Relations Mike Masserman highlights how on-demand transportation services are improving the lives of older Americans. Whether they are Lyft passengers or drivers, elders receive a range of benefits from connecting with this innovative company.

“We know that transportation is a pain point, especially for folks who may not be able to drive anymore. Previously, you would have to pre-book your car,” says Masserman. “With push a button, and a car comes in a seamless manner.” It's simple. It's transparent. And it's opening a whole new world of transportation options for seniors who would otherwise be stuck at home, relying on relatives, friends, and family caregivers for support. 

Passenger benefits:

-Safe, reliable transportation




Driver benefits:

-New options for senior employment

-Flexible working hours

-Opportunity to make meaningful social connections

-Immersion in the local community


Caregiver benefits:

-Help with providing transportation

-Takes some of the pressure off

-Less expensive option than traditional car services


If you know a caregiver or older adult in need of transportation assistance in California, give Seniorly a call or visit our Help Center for more information. Our gerontologists can provide a free consultation and connect elders with local services that can help. Reach us at (415) 570-4370 or

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