We call our senior living referral agents "Seniorly Guides." These experts know the local senior housing options, set up tours, and serve as your advocate...for free!

Why you should use a referral agent

Why You Should Use a Senior Living Referral Agent

As you begin your senior living search for assisted living near you or any other type of senior housing, we strongly recommend you take advantage of the unique, free service known as a “referral agent.”  Referral agents, or as we call them “Seniorly Guides,” are local professionals who have an intimate knowledge of all the properties in a specific geographic area.  No matter how long or short you need their services, they do not charge you, as a senior living advisor is compensated by the community you eventually select.  To learn more about a referral agent, read our comprehensive article here.  

Your relationship with a Seniorly Guide begins when you’ve used Seniorly’s open marketplace to search and compare all of the communities in the area you are looking.  You’ve selected at least one senior living facility you’re interested in.  Before you contact that community directly, let us provide you three reasons why you should actually first connect with our senior living referral agents.

Community Insights

So you’ve picked the community you’re most interested in.  Stop!  Our Seniorly Guides have visited each and every property in the geographic location.  They know which ones have the best meal plans, which ones have the most interesting activities schedule, which ones have the ability to handle specific care needs.  In short, they have a wealth of knowledge available to help you in your process.  Even if you’re only interested in one senior living property, let our senior living advisor be your first point of contact.

Personalized Tours

Once you have your list of assisted living facilities or nursing homes or memory care communities that interest you, your Seniorly Guide will arrange tours of each, personally take you on those tours (if you choose) and serve as your advocate with questions to ask.  For instance, “What is the ratio of staff to residents?”  “Are background checks performed on all staff members?”  “Can residents lock the door to their units?”  “Are residents actively encouraged to participate in activities?”  “What is the medication management policy?"  Whether you're seeking short term or long term care, these are just a few of the many, many questions you can rely on your Seniorly Guide to get answers to.

Comprehensive Resources

Possibly the most invaluable part of working with a senior living referral agent like our Seniorly Guides is what they provide AFTER you’ve selected an assisted living community (or other senior community).  Like the best elder care advisors, they know the best local real estate agents to sell a home, moving companies to help the senior housing transition, and legal experts to provide important documents, just to name a few of the resources you will need, and they can provide.

There is no one-size-fits-all in senior living.  There are countless communities to choose from, questions to ask, services needed to transition, and your Seniorly Guide is your trusted partner to ensure you have a smooth and easy process.  And if you missed it at the start, their services are free.  So, don’t contact the community first.  Connect with our Seniorly Guides.  You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Ready to find your Seniorly Guide?  Simply enter your zip code or city below and select a senior living facility you are intereted in.  Choose the option to request info and the connection will be made.  Also, you can email us at ask@seniorly.com or call at (855) 866-4515.


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