The Perks of Being Over 50

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Though many of us may complain and stress over the idea of getting older, there are actually some very nice “perks” that begin to come into play when you enter this time of life.

Some are more obvious like discounts and special deals on travel, insurance and even a night out at the movies. But there are other, perhaps less tangible advantages you may have never thought about.

1. The Happiness Factor

Studies say that people over 50 are some of the happiest people on the planet, and are significantly more satisfied than their middle-aged counterparts. Dr. Saverio Stranges, author of a recent study on the subject says, “This could be due to better coping abilities. Older people have internal mechanisms to deal better with hardships and negative circumstances than those who are younger.”

In addition, as we age, we tend to be more at ease with who we are. At a certain point in life, most of us begin to put less pressure on ourselves in the workplace or social situations. We’ve got less to prove and are more accepting of ourselves and of others. That takes enormous pressure and expectations off us and definitely adds to the “happiness” factor.

2. More Time to Spend With Loved Ones

Many of us work less or retire when we get older and have more time to spend with the people we care about. Spending more time with our children, and particularly grandchildren, increases joy, lightens our hearts and gives many of us a new lease on life.

3. Opportunity to Pursue Your Dreams

With more of our days freed up, many people take this time in life to do the things they always dreamed about. Writing the novel, taking up painting, going back to school. These are all things a lot of us just can’t accomplish in earlier years with the stress of working full time, climbing the corporate ladder and raising families. As you get older, you may find yourself with the time, energy and resources to go after those dreams you’ve put on hold.

4. You Can’t Beat The Financial Perks

The financial benefits that begin around the age of 50 cannot be understated.

Here are just a few to consider:

  • Dining Discounts

    • Many restaurants offer discounts for seniors all-day long or at special times during the day. AARP has a list of many national chains that do so, but you should also inquire at your favorite local restaurants. Some may offer smaller sized, healthier meals at a discount as well.

  • Grocery and Retail Discounts

    • For the 2015 list of grocery chains near you that offer senior discounts, check out this website

    • Stores like Kohl’s, Ross and even Premium Outlet Malls have special “discount days” for seniors. Check out their websites for the day of the week to go in.

  • Travel Discounts

    • Most airlines, cruise ships and even vacations resorts offer discounts for seniors during various times of the year. Call the airline, cruise or resort directly, or go online to inquire about the savings. You can also find out through your travel agent.

  • Auto Insurance

    • Most major auto insurers have special discounts for seniors, especially for those with good driving records. Be sure to call your insurer and inquire.

  • AARP

    • Though officially referred to as “The American Association for Retired Persons.” The AARP is hardly just for the retired. You can qualify at age 50 for an AARP card. Membership qualifies you for discounts in just about every area of life including travel, entertainment (even a discount on popcorn and soda at the movies!), personal finance, dining, shopping, health and cultural and leisure activities. To find out more, go to

So get out there and celebrate your age. There are many great things that come with it.


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