The first step to aging well? Embrace it!

Author: Arthur Bretschneider

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Our world is filled with products and ideas focused on preventing aging. We hear about things like the latest “anti-aging creams” and Google’s attempt to find a “cure” for aging. Everyday we experience the negative stereotypes of aging.

Enter the “new-age” of accepting and embracing aging. With the help of people like Dr. Laura Carstensen and Dr. Bill Thomas, the thought of embracing aging is becoming more and more mainstream.

University of Texas professor Karen Fingerman reminds us, in Anne Tergessen’s Wall Street Journal article Why Everything You Think About Aging May Be Wrong, that we rarely acknowledge the fact that evidence shows “our moods and overall sense of well-being improve with age. Friendships tend to grow more intimate, too, as older adults prioritize what matter most to them”. Dr. Laura Carstensen asserts, in her TedTalk “Older People Are Happier?”, that people are indeed happier and more content as they age.

This is exciting and powerful research, and it rings especially true for those that start thinking and planning earlier on. There are many factors that can prevent our own happiness including financial stress, loneliness, and health. So the earlier we accept our own aging, the better position we will be in to overcome some of these hurdles to happiness.

There is no doubt that some people have greater hurdles than others, but even those that do need help have many senior housing options beyond the “nursing home” style or isolation of living at home alone. It’s time to embrace aging so you can focus on discovering what kind of community you will thrive in.

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