Seniorly Conversations: Caregiver Resources

Author: Jacqueline Hatch

| Published on: May,09 | Viewed: 3826 times



In the most recent addition to Seniorly Conversations, Maureen Kelly, Clinical Social Worker at UC Berkeley talks with us about the growing need for supportive services geared toward the family caregiver.

Maureen has been working with older adults for more than 30 years. She is currently assisting employees at U.C. Berkeley that are caring for their aging family members.

As she discusses in the video, access to reliable resources is critical for caregivers, especially employed caregivers, because they face multiple challenges when caring for aging loved ones. They often find themselves trying to balance their work life with family responsibilities such as caring for young children and older adults, as well as personal needs such as respite and self-care.

There is no doubt that caregivers are very busy people. They don’t have time to chase down the best resources and sift through marketing material to get to the heart of what matters to them. They need transparent, reliable sources for educational information and support, to aid them in their roles and make sure their many needs are met.

Maureen stated in her interview that she relies on resources like Seniorly to help her connect families with top notch resources in the area, so that her clients can remain happy and at peace, knowing that their elderly loved one have their needs met.

The Seniorly team has a wealth of resources to help family caregiver in their role, including Resource Center articles for online support groups, respite care options, and smartphone applications for the busy caregiver.

For more information about short-term respite stays to help family caregivers, contact Seniorly, your go-to resource for information on short-term stays. Just email us at or call us at (415) 570-4370 to speak with our gerontologist today!

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