What Are Senior Apartments & Are They Right For You?

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What are senior apartments and why are they so popular among older adults? Learn about this popular independent living option, the benefits of senior living apartments and different types to make sure you find the right independent living community.

What are senior apartments?

Senior apartments are an independent living option for adults aged 55 and older that provide a community atmosphere and cost savings. Most independent living communities and senior apartments, or retirement communities,  reduce the stress of homeownership and daily tasks in your golden years, while providing staff and community support.

Senior apartments provide an independent living option that still allows elderly adults to have their own living space as opposed to senior co-housing or roommate situations.

Benefits of Living in a Senior Apartment Community

Senior living apartments offer some services such as housekeeping, maintenance, and planned social events for older adults who don’t need intensive personal care (like help dressing or bathing), but are ready to give up the responsibilities of home ownership and have easy access to a community of peers.

Unlike a mixed age apartment community, senior apartments have staff on hand to help you in a variety of ways when needed.

Some senior apartments stand alone. Others may be part of a continuing care retirement community (CCRC) where independent living, assisted living, and nursing care are available in the same location.

Different Types of Senior Living Apartments

Senior apartments can vary by cost, level of services and size of community. Beyond these factors, there are a range of options to consider when selecting the right senior apartment community for you.

Here are some of the common types of senior living apartments that are popular among older adults:

  • Small apartment community. A small senior apartment community located in a quiet neighborhood where multiple languages are spoken and residents socialize with one another often.

  • Hotel-like apartment community. A community located in the heart of the city with fully furnished private suites, hotel-like amenities or a shared room if you prefer it.

  • Large apartment community. A larger senior community with one- or two-bedroom apartments that you furnish yourself. There are a variety of services on sight such as a library, restaurant, fitness center, and computer center.

  • Urban apartments. Senior apartments in a vibrant downtown neighborhood, but also located within a CCRC that can provide more care in the future if you need it.

Need help finding senior apartment options?

Seniorly.com can help you search and find a home that considers your preferences in terms of location, budget, size, services, languages, and pet policies.

The Seniorly resource center also offers tons of helpful information about other assisted or independent living options for seniors, including:

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