Seniors Finding Love in Unexpected Places

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Finding love in senior assisted living is more common than you think. Love stories don't end at 55.

Seniors Finding Love in Unexpected Places

Seniors Finding Love in Unexpected Places


Love can happen at any age. Dating in the senior years and dating in senior living communities can present new challenges, but can also bring wonderful rewards for those who allow themselves to be open to new opportunities.


Love in the "Golden Years"

Many seniors enter their so-called “Golden Years” alone, expecting to live out the remainder of their lives that way. They can’t imagine beginning new relationships with seniors. But today, with the average life expectancy of nearly 80 years, it’s more than reasonable to imagine finding love again in a senior living community.

According to a story done on “This Emotional Life” by PBS, “relationships create psychological space and safety so that we can explore and learn. When we feel safe and supported, we don’t have to narrow in on survival tasks like responding to danger or finding our next meal. We are able to explore our world, which builds resources for times of stress and adversity.”

All seniors – whether in assisted living or in an independent living situation or in a home care arrangement – can benefit from something that provides them with additional resources for times of stress and adversity. And whether dating leads to an endless love or just a new friend or two, the social interaction can be a positive reward in and of itself.

“Happiness isn’t only gained from social support, but may serve more beneficial by providing it (Brown et al. 2003),” noted findings on a website dedicated to the pursuit of happiness. “This study examined how providing social support influences well-being and mortality. It was discovered that the more support provided the greater the decrease in mortality.”

It seems that any new relationships with seniors are good relationships, so seniors should embark on this new journey with enthusiasm.


Senior Dating Options

Dating in senior living communities can be as simple as attending dinners or classes and events sponsored by the community. Seniors may mix and meet other individuals with whom they may find similar interests and hobbies.  Want to find a senior living community near you?  Enter your zip code below to begin your search.

Widows and widowers – especially those who were in long and happy marriages – should consider dating individuals who might fit different profiles than that of their late spouses. It’s important to branch out and experience new personalities. It will also be easier to find someone new if dating doesn’t feel like comparing.

Consider online dating. It may seem impersonal and awkward at first, but there are several dating services that cater to senior singles. Senior living is a different stage of life, and senior dating should be different as well. Two web sites that encourage dating between seniors:


We are not endorsing these sites and encourage all seniors using them to approach wisely.  Don't let love blind you.


The Secret to Senior Dating

It can be a daunting experience to be in the dating world when the perceived rules may not be the same as they were the last time a senior was available and open to a new relationship. One constant that remains true, whether dating as a teenager or dating as a senior, is that open and honest communication will make the pathway easier.

With a little effort, dating and love in senior communities can be found. New relationships with seniors can be established and can grow and make those senior years more fulfilling and enjoyable.

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