Our weekly Q & A with the professionals working today in senior living and senior care.


1.  What do you enjoy most about being an senior placement consultant?

The most enjoyable part of the service we provide is when you can actually see the weight lifted off of families’ shoulders when they get the guidance they need to find the right living and care solution for their loved one.  It continues to get even better when we see the Seniors we work with thrive in their new homes and be able to get back to spending quality time with their loved ones previously consumed by caregiver and/ or care manager roles.

2.  What positive changes in senior living care have you seen happen over the years?

We are happy to say there have been many, many positive changes in senior housing.  

One of our personal favorites is the growing recognition of the positive impact that natural light has on us all, particularly those with various forms of dementia.  Memory care communities and homes are reconfiguring and building with this in mind, incorporating noticeably more windows and inviting outdoor space.

3.  What would you like to see change to improve the senior living experience?

There are some fantastic options out there that offer “hybrid” types of living options between general Independent or Assisted Living and Memory Care.  This is crucial for accommodating those with varying levels of cognitive impairment who are still relatively high functioning over all.  Another big factor here is that it enables couples to live together in the same place even if one has dementia and the other does not.

We’d love to see this option offered more widely than it is now.

4.  What is the first piece of advice you give to anyone working with you for their senior care needs?

It is so important to get ahead of things if you can!  The more time you have around a decision the better as it will enable you to secure the best personal fit rather than be limited by immediate availability.  Sometimes urgent moves are inevitable, and those of course can be very successful too with the right guidance.  However, if you can get ahead of a move before it is urgent (or before you risk an injury if left unsupervised!) then you are putting yourself and/ or your loved one in a much better position for success.

5.  How can someone looking for help with their senior living needs contact you?

We are always happy to be contacted for any help we may be able to provide.

We can be reached via the contact form on eseniorplacement.com or called any time on our main number at 510-910-0344.

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