Explore some of the most helpful caregiver and senior living resources in the Houston-Galveston area. Find support, book classes and participate in community outreach through these senior- and caregiver-oriented communities.

9 Helpful Houston Caregiver Resources

If you're a senior at home or in assisted living in Houston, or if you're a caregiver who could use some help finding helpful senior living resources, it can take a long time to do the research for yourself. Houston has many organizations and affinity groups that are focused on the challenges of aging and senior care, but it isn't always clear which resources match your needs or which ones can be counted on in your unique situation. These nine helpful Houston caregiver services have the resources you need to be a more effective caregiver, or to more effectively look after your needs, if you're a senior yourself.

Senior Services

Baker Ripley is one of the biggest names in senior living in the Houston area. Supported by the United Way and private donors, this local nonprofit operates a chain of senior living centers, school sites and community centers. They also operate a job board that's perfect for both caregivers and the seniors looking to hire them. Click here for Baker Ripley.

Baker Ripley 9 Helpful Houston Caregiver Resources

Harris County Area Agency on Aging is a local government entity focused on education, advocacy and direct support of area residents over age 60. The agency provides information about government benefits seniors may be eligible for and connects caregivers to the people who need them all over Harris County and beyond. Click here for Harris County Area Agency on Aging.

Harris County Area Agency on Aging 9 Helpful Houston Caregiver Resources

Caregiver Support

Interfaith Partners aims to educate, train, care for and support both caregivers and the seniors they look after. This group holds workshops and training sessions for caregivers, as well as professional training sessions to sharpen or refresh caregivers' skills. The agency also offers respite care for short breaks. Click here for Interfaith Partners.

Interfaith CarePartners 9 Helpful Houston Caregiver Resources

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University of Texas Cizik School of Nursing is a nonprofit project that combines education and advocacy with outreach through its partner organizations in the Houston area. The school also operates a continuing research project focused on healthy aging, with an emphasis on primary studies of Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and stroke recovery. Their website also acts as a clearinghouse for caregivers who want to meet each other and establish support communities. Click here for Univeristy of Texas Cizik School of Nursing.

University of Texas Cizik School of Nursing 9 Helpful Houston Caregiver Resources

Alzheimer's Association Houston and Southeast Texas offers several donor-supported programs to support caregivers and patients at every stage of Alzheimer's disease. Programs offered, mostly for free, include early detection, safety services, veterans' outreach and clinical trials. The association also organizes caregiver support groups and hosts a schedule of events that includes workshops to help support providers communicate with Alzheimer's patients and manage their finances. Click here for Alzheimer's Association Houston and Southeast Texas.

Alzheimer's Association Houston Chapter 9 Helpful Houston Caregiver Resources

Amazing Place is an interfaith religious organization that receives support from Houston-area Catholic and Protestant churches. They offer day care for adults who need dementia and memory care in Houston, support services for caregivers and outreach services to educate the public about aging, age-related health issues and the need for volunteers in the Houston caregiving community. Amazing Place also hosts writing and art workshops for seniors at their day care facility. Click here for Amazing Place.

Amazing Place 9 Helpful Houston Caregiver Resources

Houston Area Parkinson Society has, since its founding in 1974, supported the Parkinson's community in Houston with educational resources for caregivers and their patients; support groups for people with the disease, their caregivers, and family members; therapeutic exercise programs; and social services to ensure Parkinson's sufferers always have a safe and therapeutic home environment. Click here for Houston Area Parkinson Society.

Houston Area Parkinson Society

Senior Living Affinity Groups

Chinese Community Center provides extensive support to Houston's Asian seniors and those who look after them. The community offers support groups in several languages, caregiver referrals and support groups for seniors dealing with age-related disabilities. The community center also provides adult day care services and respite care on short notice, a senior employment service and senior-oriented events*. They also connect recent immigrants with ESL classes and organize public events to raise awareness, increase funding and generally support Houston's Asian community and increase its visibility. Their calendar of events sections appears to be under construction, but hopefully this will be updated soon. Click here for Chinese Community Center.

Chinese Community Center 9 Helpful Houston Caregiver Resources

Epiphany of the Lord Catholic Community is a Catholic affinity group operated by the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston, and the senior living help it offers is just one small part of the group's larger ministry. People throughout the Houston-Galveston area -- Catholic and non-Catholic alike -- are welcome to join the community's psychologist-led family support group for those whose lives have been affected by age-related disabilities. The community also connects caregivers and seniors with outreach services, local facilities that can be booked for events, and bereavement counselling. Seniors can take classes through this community to learn how to handle the unique financial issues that affect them. They can also volunteer through the ministry to send out cards or help with the food closet. Click here for Epiphany of the Lord Catholic Community.

Epiphany of the Lord Catholic Community 9 Helpful Houston Caregiver Resources

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