Fulfilling the role of caregiver for senior family members is life-altering. With all your focus on someone else, it is easy to lose sight of your own needs. Seniorly.com knows it’s difficult, which is why we’re here to help. This list offers 14 useful Orange County caregiver resources.

14 Helpful Orange County Caregiver Resources

Caregivers are often the unsung hero in the lives of many Orange County seniors. Setting aside your own schedule and lifestyle needs, you attend to the needs of seniors and senior family members looking for mental, emotional, and physical relief in senior living communities. This list of Orange County-area caregiver resources can help you care for yourself and/or a senior you know, ensuring a better quality of life for all.

Caregiver Support

Family Caregiver Resource Center – Orange County is a non-profit entity serving the whole of Orange County. Families and caregivers struggling with the physical, emotional, and financial toll of senior living care and assistance can find information and programs from FCRC supported by St. Jude Medical Center. Counseling, care planning, support groups, and education are available to caregivers dealing with Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, Lou Gehrig’s disease, traumatic brain injuries, and more through FCRC. Click here for Family Caregiver Resource Center - Orange County.

Alzheimer’s Orange County is a local organization striving to help seniors and caregivers struggling to cope with Alzheimer’s. The services at ALZOC provide free programs for local families, including resources to better understand the disease, guide families through the journey, and even help finding quality care for seniors afflicted by Alzheimer’s and dementia. Click here for Alzheimer's Orange County. 

Alzheimer’s Family Center offers adult day care for seniors with Alzheimer’s, dementia, and other memory care issues. Caregivers get the support and respite they need, while knowing a family member is in trusted hands. There is also available information to help caregivers continue the quality of care at home, as well as offering useful tools and help managing the stress of the situation. Click here for Alzheimer's Family Center.

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Alzheimer’s Association Orange County Chapter is the local chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association. ALZ.org operates a caregiver center that understands you are not alone as a caregiver, providing you with information about caregiving throughout the stages of Alzheimer’s and dementia, while also providing access to recommended activities, support groups with your local chapter, message boards to connect with caregivers in your position beyond Orange County, and even information on how you can remain focused on your own health at the same time. Click here for Alzheimer's Association Orange County Chapter.

Easterseals Southern California offers a variety of programs in the local community, ranging from autism care and adult day care to caregiver support. Easterseals’ caregiver programs focus on providing caregivers and their senior family members respite care, so they have a chance to relax, recharge, and reconnect. There’s also a variety of informational links and brochures to help better prepare caregivers for the road ahead. Click here for Easterseals Southern California.

Acacia exists to give caregivers the support they need in an environment that’s helpful for seniors as well. The adult day services from Acacia are community based, and provide for both the medical and social needs of seniors living at home still. The adult day program is designed specifically for those caregivers who need support and assistance with family members struggling with Alzheimer’s, dementia, and other related memory care needs. Click here for Acacia.

Senior Services

Council on Aging Southern California is focused on ensuring seniors throughout Southern California remain healthy, connected, and protected. The Council on Aging provides advocacy and protection through health insurance counseling programs, long-term care ombudsman programs, and financial abuse specialist teams. There are also education and outreach programs, as well as socialization programs to care for seniors mentally, socially, and physically. Click here for Council on Aging Southern California. 

Dayle Mcintosh Center offers individual and community options for caregiver support and senior living assistance through a variety of programs. Support services provide advocacy and personal assistance for seniors, along with information and referral assistance. For example, Dayle Mcintosh Center can help seniors find a caregiver or help caregivers cop with adjustments to the health and well-being of a loved one suffering from disability, Alzheimer’s, or dementia. Click here for Dayle Mcintosh Center.

SeniorServ is here to make sure no senior goes without senior living assistance in Orange County. Its range of services include Meals on Wheels and Senior Lunch, providing nutritious meals and friendly faces to seniors in need of assistance. Adult day services offer daytime assistance that removes the burden from caregivers. There is also help with care coordination for seniors, and the Friendly Visitors and Care Circles that provide companionship, laughter, and conversation for seniors in need of greater socialization. Click here for SeniorServ.

North Orange County Senior Collaborative is a senior care education resource for both caregivers and seniors. NOCSC offers weekly meetings catered to both caregivers and seniors, such as its Senior Care 101 course to help those worried about caring for aging parents, spouses, or friends. The NOCSC also maintains a library of information, holds educational forums, and provides resource guides to help Orange County residents answer their senior living questions. Click here for North Orange County Senior Collaborative. 

Age Well has been in business since 1975 providing critical assistance to seniors throughout southern Orange County. The team at age well offers a variety of services that include in-home support from trained individuals, Meals on Wheels delivery coordination, transportation for home-bound seniors to medical appointments, and case management to ensure all area seniors get the care they deserve. Click here for Age Well.

Hoag assists seniors and caregivers in finding the healthcare and medical assistance they need to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle. Hoag offers access to nationally renowned physicians and institutions so seniors can get world-class healthcare when they need it. Click here for Hoag.


Asian-American Senior Citizens Service Center believes in “caring for elders as if they were our own.” Located in Orange County, the goal of the organization is to provide and advocate for elderly Asian-American citizens in the Orange County area by helping build and maintain a healthier connection to the community, providing services to seniors in need, and supporting caregivers who watch over aging family members. Click here for Asian-American Senior Citizens Service Center.

Diocese of Orange is the local Roman Catholic Church diocese, and it offers a range of senior services to provide fulfillment in senior living. Examples of its programs include Befrienders, a one-on-one ministry for the sick, homebound, and those in nursing homes. Click here for Diocese of Orange.

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