Caregivers have the most challenging job in the world. While balancing your own career, family, and mental/emotional needs, you're also dedicating your time to a loved one struggling with dementia-related issues. This page offers 13 helpful caregiver resources for Atlanta, GA residents.

13 Helpful Atlanta Caregiver Resources

There is no greater role in family life than that of caregiver. Most Atlanta caregivers looking after a senior are caring for a parent, an individual who once fulfilled the same role in the life of a caregiver when they were younger. It can be both rewarding and challenging to serve as the caregiver for an aging parent or family member, but you don't have to do it alone. There are a variety of Atlanta caregiver resources that provide caregivers with access to useful information, helpful courses on caring for seniors, and assistance in making the golden years more comfortable for a senior. Learn more about these 13 helpful Atlanta caregiver resources courtesy of

Caregiver Support

Alzheimer's Association Georgia Chapter is the local branch of the Alzheimer's Association, a global, national, and local group that aims to provide caregivers with information on the disease and support in caring for a loved on afflicted by Alzheimer's or other dementia-related conditions. Caregivers can access a wealth of online information, chat with experts and other caregivers around the nation, and even attend local support groups to learn from other caregivers in the same position with a family member or loved one. Click here for Alzheimer's Association Georgia Chapter.

Department of Human Services: Division of Aging Services is a government-run service that offers caregiver support programs. The variety of programs from the Division of Aging Services range from education and support groups to adult day services in a supervised group community setting. There is also a mobile day care program that sends staff to various care sites throughout the Atlanta area on a daily basis to provide caregivers with assistance in caring for a loved one. Click here for Department of Human Services: Division of Aging Services.

Jewish Family and Career Services Atlanta supports caregivers who provide physical and emotional care for aging seniors or disabled loved ones. Caregiver support groups give you a chance to talk to others in your shoes, vent frustrations, and learn about caring for yourself and your loved one at the same time. The JFCS also has a caregiver support program with one-time financial assistance to caregivers who are struggling financially in caring for a loved one. Click here for Jewish Family and Career Services Atlanta.

Agewise Connection – Atlanta Area Agency on Aging is a community education service that offers presentations and training to ensure caregivers don't lose sight of their own health when caring for a senior loved one. Courses include topics ranging from Taking Care of You and Identifying & Reducing Personal Stress to Communicating Feelings/Needs/Concerns and Communicating in Challenging Situations. The Agewise Connection enhances your ability as a caregivers while ensuring you properly manage your own health along the way. Click here for Agewise Connection - Atlanta Area Agency on Aging.

Aloha to Aging provides Atlanta caregivers with various support groups. The Alzheimer's support group helps you learn how to care for a loved one afflicted with the disease, while the Spousal Support Group teaches caregivers how to effectively care for a spouse afflicted with Alzheimer's, Parkinson's Disease, or other dementia-related conditions. Click here for Aloha to Aging.

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Piedmont Healthcare is aimed at caregivers who are new to the role of caring for a loved one with dementia-related diseases. Caregivers get support programs that coach participants on the emotional, physical, and financial challenges associated with caring for a loved one struggling with cognitive issues as they age. Click here for Piedmont Healthcare.

Rosalynn Carter Institute for Caregiving was founded by the former First Lady of the United States. A native of Georgia herself, First Lady Rosalynn Carter's primary focus with the program is research, advocacy, and education for Atlanta caregivers. The RCI Training Center for Excellence offers access to evidence-based caregiver interventions with affordable training. Academic programs at RCI train professional caregivers for work in senior living settings, and families can find a wealth of educational and training products available to enhance their ability to care for seniors. Click here for Rosalynn Carter Institute for Caregiving.

Senior Support

Faith Health Services of Georgia is a full-service program focused on providing quality care for seniors and ensuring they remain safe in their communities. FHS coordinates case management and emergency response services for seniors, as well as personal support, home-delivered meals, and adult day health to help all seniors age with grace. Click here for Faith Health Services of Georgia.


Senior Provisions is a faith-based program that organizes caregiver support groups at various churches in the Atlanta area each month. The informational sessions combine caregiver resource and fellowship for residents at Peachtree City United Methodist Church, First United Methodist of Marietta, and Westminster Presbyterian Church. Click here for Senior Provisions.

Due West United Methodist Church runs two Alzheimer's support groups providing encouragement and insight for caregivers. The Spouse Support group is aimed at caregivers working closely with their own spouse, while the Family Support group is open to all family members of a senior with Alzheimer's or dementia. There is also a Caregiver Ministry with educational courses that enable you to better care for yourself and your loved one. Click here for Due West United Methodist Church.

Central Congregational United Church of Christ coordinates caregiver support groups with certified counselors present. The goal is to help attendees balance the stresses of caring for an aging loved one while ensuring their own mental, emotional, and physical needs. Click here for Central Congregational United Church of Christ.

Shallowford Presbyterian Church offers both Alzheimer's Support Groups and Early Stage Alzheimer's Support Groups. The former is a weekly support group for families and friends of those afflicted with the diseases where guidance, solace, and fellowship are offered for attendees. The latter is designed for caregivers and families in Atlanta facing the new challenge of caring for a loved one in the early stages of Alzheimer's. Click here for Shallowford Presbyterian Church.

Perimeter Church operates caregiver support groups to help families adjust to the physical, emotional, and financial challenges of aiding a loved one facing Alzheimer's, Parkinson's disease, or other dementia-related conditions. There are also online resources made available to caregivers in the position of caring for senior loved ones. Click here for Perimeter Church.

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