Whether you're a caregiver helping a family member with Alzheimer's Disease or a professional working in an assisted living community, here is a list of valuable resources within the Dallas - Ft. Worth, TX area to ensure you're not doing it alone.

10 Helpful Dallas - Ft. Worth Caregiver Resources

Caring for aging seniors can be both rewarding and very difficult.  Being a caregiver helps breathe fresh life into infirmed seniors and disabled adults all over the Dallas-Ft. Worth area. It's difficult to do it alone, however, and even an experienced senior living caregiver can be forgiven for needing help from time to time. Being willing to reach out for assistance from the community is the mark of a superior caregiver, since it brings extra talent and community support in to help the caregiver do his or her job. These 10 resources do just that for caregivers all over the Dallas-Ft. Worth region, and each has something special to contribute.

Alzheimer's Texas brings together thousands of people with relevant expertise in caring for seniors from all over the state. The organization provides classes and a support group for caregivers, as well as consultations with licensed social workers (LCSWs) and respite care for members who need 3 or 4 hours off a week to refresh and recharge. Click here for Alzheimer's Texas.

Alzheimer's Texas 10 Helpful Dallas-Ft. Worth Caregiver Resources

Connect to Care Dallas is a referral service with links to many further resources for senior care. Listed on the group's site are local organizations that help with Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Downs syndrome, memory care in Dallas, and other disabling conditions across the Dallas-Ft. Worth area. Click here for Connect to Care Dallas.

Connect to Care Dallas 10 Helpful Dallas-Ft. Worth Caregiver Resources

Alzheimer's Alliance Smith County works with caregivers to help keep an eye on their patients, especially where it concerns day-to-day supervision and care. This group offers consultation services, respite care, education for home health workers, memory screenings for seniors and a full calendar of events caregivers and seniors can participate in together. Click here for Alzheimer's Alliance Smith County.

Alzheimer's Alliance of Smith County 10 Helpful Dallas-Ft. Worth Caregiver Resources

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Texas Health Dallas helps connect personal and home health attendants with medical resources their seniors may need from anywhere in Dallas-Ft. Worth. Included in their catalog are several local groups that help diagnose, treat and serve patients with Alzheimer's, dementia of all kinds, aphasia (stroke-induced and otherwise), and Parkinson's disease. Click here for Texas Health Dallas.

Texas Health Dallas 10 Helpful Dallas-Ft. Worth Caregiver Resources

Alzheimer's Association Dallas Chapter works with local caregivers to provide education on senior living and assisted living in Dallas issues, as well as community help in the form of support groups and other extended networks for local helpers. Click here for Alzheimer's Assocation Dallas.

Alzheimer's Association 10 Helpful Dallas-Ft. Worth Caregiver Resources

Texas Veterans Commission advocates for the needs of disabled veterans from anywhere in the state of Texas. In Dallas-Ft. Worth, the group runs educational programs and local-government advocacy, as well as connecting caregivers with nearby mental health services that run the gamut from depression and PTSD -- traditional afflictions of veterans in particular -- to Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, schizophrenia, and memory care in Dallas. This group also works with local law enforcement to raise officers' awareness of veterans' issues in their field service and in jail settings. Click here for Texas Veterans Commission.

Texas Veterans Commision 10 Helpful Dallas-Ft. Worth Caregiver Resources

Attendant Network is part job board, part referral agency for local patients and caregivers. The network operates a large online resource for attendants seeking a disabled adult to help, and a second, parallel board for patients and their loved ones to find a qualified caregiver for their homes. Membership is free for all. Click here for Attendant Network.

Attendant Network 10 Helpful Dallas-Ft. Worth Caregiver Resources

Texas Technology Access at UT does the exciting work of developing and deploying advanced technologies that are designed to aid seniors and disabled adults in their daily lives. This group was formed in partnership with the University of Texas to identify developing technologies that can help disabled adults live freely and go about their lives, raise awareness among community members about the innovations that are available for them to use, and promote the use of new machines and software that can help the disabled get more independence and satisfaction out of their lives. Click here for Texas Technology Access at UT.

Texas Technology Access 10 Helpful Dallas-Ft. Worth Caregiver Resources

Dallas Area Parkinsonism Society (DAPS) is dedicated to impacting and improving the lives of those affected by Parkinson's disease in the Dallas- Ft. Worth community.  DAPS offers many services at no (or reduced) cost to those affected by Parkinson's disease including group exercise classes, swimming, and cycling classes, speech therapy, care partner support groups and more. Click here for DAPS.

DAPS 10 Helpful Dallas-Ft. Worth Caregiver Resources

Jewish Federation of Dallas is a broad-based community support network that aims to enrich and promote the lives of Jewish families in the Dallas-Ft. Worth region. The federation offers scholarships for teens who wish to study abroad in Israel, hot kosher meals for homebound seniors, training and support for Jewish caregivers and the health aides of Jewish patients, and connections to other Jewish groups around the country with resources to share. Click here for Jewish Federation of Dallas.

Jewish Federation 10 Helpful Dallas-Ft. Worth Caregiver Resources

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