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Top 5 Benefits of Senior Living Communities

Learn the top five benefits of senior living with this video from Seniorly. Our own Marlena del Hierro discusses the benefits seniors can experience.

By Marlena del Hierro Updated on Jan 21, 2023

Seniorly gerontologist Marlena del Hierro talks about socialization and its importance to remaining happy and healthy in senior housing communities.

As we age, social networks change and certain difficulties arise. For example, friends and family members may not be living nearby, transportation may not be accessible, and older adults may want the chance to be more engaged in the community. In these situations, senior living may be an ideal solution.

Care communities focus on providing the best possible care, along with amenities and features to keep elders engaged as they age. Many communities offer movie nights, happy hours, ice cream socials, fitness programs, and art classes to help elders connect with friends with similar interests. In the video, Marlena shares her top five ways that senior living communities encourage socialization. 

The top five social benefits in senior housing communities:

  1. Many residents means more opportunities to make new friends.
  2. Activities such as art, music and fitness are made available to all residents.
  3. Transportation is provided to increase community engagement.
  4. Communities provide common dining spaces for residents to eat together.
  5. Interactions with staff members can lead to meaningful relationships.

Staying social is essential to maintaining good mental health as we age, but the benefits don't stop there. Engaging in activities can help us remain physically fit and active, which can improve strength and balance as we age, and eventually prevent injuries that result from falls. Additionally, meaningful social connections can alter our outlook on life and help us enjoy those later years comfortably and happily. Get social in senior living and make the rest of your life the best of your life!

written by:
Marlena del Hierro

Marlena del Hierro is Vice President of Partnerships and Seniorly’s Lead Gerontologist. Marlena earned her Master of Arts degree in Gerontology from San Francisco State University and her Bachelor of Arts degree in Human Development from California State University. She also serves in an advisory capacity for Jukebox Health. As Seniorly’s first employee, Marlena is a vocal advocate for evolving the aging paradigm, and is a frequent contributor to public discussions about aging. She has served as a resource for media outlets like WGBH, FOX News, CNBC and the Today Show.

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