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Senior Transportation and Lyft

Learn what Lyft can do for seniors with this video from Seniorly. The founder of Lyft talks with us about what on-demand transportation can do for the elderly.

By Marlena del Hierro · Updated Dec 2, 2022

Lyft’s Director of Government Relations Mike Masserman highlights how on-demand transportation services are improving the lives of older Americans. Whether they are Lyft passengers or drivers, elders receive a range of benefits from connecting with this innovative company.

“We know that transportation is a pain point, especially for folks who may not be able to drive anymore. Previously, you would have to pre-book your car,” says Masserman. “With push a button, and a car comes in a seamless manner.” It's simple. It's transparent. And it's opening a whole new world of transportation options for seniors who would otherwise be stuck at home, relying on relatives, friends, and family caregivers for support. 

Passenger benefits:

-Safe, reliable transportation



Driver benefits:

-New options for senior employment

-Flexible working hours

-Opportunity to make meaningful social connections

-Immersion in the local community

 Caregiver benefits:

-Help with providing transportation

-Takes some of the pressure off

-Less expensive option than traditional car service


Hi, my name is Mike Masserman. I'm Director of Government Relations here at Lyft. From our perspective, there are really three areas for us in the senior space. Which by the way, we see as a massive opportunity because we know in the coming years, the number of adults over the age of 65 is going to double.

First is on the passenger side, since we know that senior transportation is a pain point, especially for folks who may not be able to drive anymore. Now with Lyft, you push a button and a car comes in a seamless manner. It's cashless, it's transparent. From a passenger perspective, we found that this is transformative, especially for those seniors who aren't driving anymore. Before they had to be ready to pre-book their rides at a moment's notice, now they can book a ride seamlessly on Lyft.

We know that only 20% of seniors right now have a smartphone. However, we believe that that trajectory is going to be moving up, so we’re looking at what would it mean to have a digital dispatch system so that residents of an assisted living facility can call or use their computer to order a Lyft. We see that in the future.

Activities for Seniors

The second way Lyft serves senior transportation needs is that there’s a huge opportunity for retired or older adults and seniors to be drivers. What's incredible about the Lyft platform is the flexibility. People can drive on the platform an hour a week, an hour a month, an hour a year, 20 hours a week if you'd like. We’ve found is that seniors love being drivers, number one because a lot of folks love to drive, number two because on Lyft people are encouraged to sit up front. A lot of our passengers love riding with senior drivers because they're fun to have a conversation with, they know the areas really well and they have great anecdotes. For a lot of retirees, they're able to work a few hours on Lyft to make some extra cash, get out of the home, meet new people and stay active.

Assisting with Caregiver Duties

The third way Lyft helps fill gaps in senior transportation needs is by helping caregivers. We know that transportation is a big pain point for caregivers. Whether you're taking care of a parent or whether you're a professional caregiver, a large percent of your time is spent in the transportation space. Now with something like Lyft, you can focus your attention on keeping your loved one calm and engaged instead of having to watch the road. Again we envision this notion of digital dispatch in the future, where a caregiver can go online or make a call and book a Lyft on behalf of the older adult who they're taking care of, for example, to take them to an appointment.

Senior Transportation Services with Lyft

We hope that more seniors continue to take advantage of this opportunity, and not just as a passenger. By joining our platform as drivers, seniors are taking care of their neighbors, driving their friends around town who may not be able to drive anymore and having fun with it as well.

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written by:
Marlena del Hierro
Marlena Del Hierro is Vice President of Partnerships and Seniorly’s Lead Gerontologist. Marlena earned her Master of Arts degree in Gerontology from San Francisco State University and her Bachelor of Arts degree in Human Development from California State University. She also serves in an advisory capacity for Jukebox Health. As Seniorly’s first employee, Marlena is a vocal advocate for evolving the aging paradigm, and is a frequent contributor to public discussions about aging. She has served as a resource for media outlets like WGBH, FOX News, CNBC and the Today Show.
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