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Liz’s Family Story: a Seniorly Testimonial

Read Liz’s story about finding memory care for her mother. With advice and recs from a Seniorly advisor, Liz found the perfect home for her Mom.

By Julie Pollard · Updated Aug 08, 2022

This family interview took place on November 22, 2021. Quotes from it have been edited for clarity.

Moving a loved one into senior living can be a daunting prospect, especially when that loved one is experiencing memory loss. Fortunately, there are experts who can help families find the best memory care communities to suit the needs of their elderly loved ones. Liz was kind enough to share her experience working alongside a Seniorly advisor to find a new home for her mother, one where she could get the care she needs.

The situation

Liz’s mother was living with her, and although she was safe and well-cared for, her memory issues made it difficult for her to get out and about. This lack of independence meant that her social interaction was fairly limited to family. Additionally, caring for her impacted Liz’s ability to get out and live a full life herself. Her mother’s deteriorating memory and increasing confusion signaled to Liz that it was time to consider getting professional care.

Qualified recommendations and hands-on help

At first, Liz got a list of communities to visit from someone she found online, but they weren’t what she was looking for at all. “What they did was just emailed me a list of facilities to go see. And so I made a couple of appointments that are geographically close to my home, and I went to see them and both places were like, ‘I can't believe you would even recommend this.’ Liz was disappointed, “I sent the lady an email and I told her that, I said, ‘I know you're not local, or you wouldn’t be sending me to these places.’”

In search of higher quality recommendations, Liz got in touch with Seniorly Advisor Jack Angel. “Jack set up the appointments...We talked a little bit on the phone—what we were looking for, what we wanted—and he set up the appointments and both places that he took us to were great.” 

Liz and her brother were particularly impressed with one community and its director, Annie:

“We walked in, all the ladies were sitting at a big table. They were playing bingo or something. I mean, music was going, it was just delightful. It was clean. Everybody was interacting. Nobody was just sitting in a chair or a recliner, like a bump on a log. It became very apparent that this was probably the best place and we better make a quick decision because she only had one vacancy.”

They decided to move Mom into this community...without telling her. This was a tactic Jack recommended based on his experience with moving seniors with memory issues. Annie, the community director offered a further recommendation:

“She suggested that we not come around for about a week,” after moving Mom in, “and let them get to know her and her know them and to settle in. And, and so my brother and I were like, ‘We'll do what you say because you have the experience we don't.’ And so we did, and it's gone very smoothly. We haven't had any problems.”

A better deal

Liz is very grateful for Jack’s guidance: “He's a really nice guy and he set up all the appointments and all of that and went with me.” Jack also “sent a little list of dos and don'ts: what to do, you know, what to tell her, not what to tell her.”

Liz is still navigating VA benefits for her mother: luckily Mom saved all kinds of paperwork, including her husband’s honorable discharge. She warns other families to be wary of anyone charging for VA application help (legitimate Veterans benefit planners are usually employed by non-profit organizations, and won’t charge you for their help with the application process). Despite this, Liz is relieved to have her mother settled so smoothly into her new home.

“My mother is probably happier now than she was living with me. She has people around her all the time, people to talk to. I think she's become more stable. She has more interaction with other people, or as much as she wants. I just think overall it's a better deal.”

Liz’s mom, settled in at Grace Memory Care
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Jack Angel
Jack Angel - Anderson, TX
Jack Angel is the owner operator of Senior Care Authority in Southeast Texas and a Senior Care Advocate. It is his mission to find the most appropriate solution for your loved one to ensure a smooth transition into the next phase of life. As a Certified Senior Advisor, and Certified Dementia Practitioner, and “Beyond Driving With Dignity” professional, Jack is here to help guide and coach families through critical decision-making regarding their loved ones’ care and well-being. He is passionate about his work, honest, professional, and builds strong, lasting relationships. He has many resources he will share with you and set your mind at ease knowing that your family members will be cared for, respected, and loved. Jack’s commitment to the community and service orientation complements his strong desire to help others and guide them through tough life decisions. This is why he decided to enter into the elder care consulting field. Having to find safe and affordable living situations for both his parents, and former in-laws, Jack has a first-hand appreciation of the challenges that face those seeking to understand their options, and ultimately make the best care decision. A graduate of Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas where he received his Master of Business Administration. Jack has spent almost 40 years in the Service business and has lived and worked in many international locations. He has a deep respect for all cultures and backgrounds. His consultative approach has focused on helping colleagues and customers through novel ideas, products and services. Jack is a father of two, a grandfather, a local Montgomery County business owner, and an avid outdoor enthusiast. When not spending time with his family, camping, playing guitar, motorcycling, exercising, or exploring the great state of Texas, Jack enjoys volunteer service opportunities through local county organizations, Alzheimer’s Texas, church groups, and helping his senior neighbors. Jack Angel has been a partner with Seniorly since 2021.

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Julie Pollard

Seniorly Graduate Intern, currently completing her MS in Gerontology from USC.
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