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Why Fall is The Best Time to Move into Senior Living

There are so many reasons why fall is the best this time to transition into a senior living community. Grace from Seniorly explains why:

By Grace Matelich · Updated Jan 19, 2023

Beat the rush

Competition for reserving spaces in a senior living home decreases in the fall. If you choose to schedule a move-in during the fall months, you will have greater access to facility services and resources, such as a premier choice of room in your preferred facility. Furthermore, since demand can slow down during the fall, you and your loved one will be able to avoid more expensive prices and stay away from the rush of new movers in the summer.

Lower moving rates

The peak seasons for moving and storage companies range from spring to summer. Typically, this high demand results in more expensive rates and less flexibility for scheduling. However, if you choose to move in the fall months, moving companies and storage units will offer more affordable, and potentially negotiable, rates. 

Move after the heat and before the snow

Fall has the best weather conditions for a safe moving experience: you and your loved ones can avoid the inconvenience of heat and snow during the fall months. The high temperatures and humidity of summer may result in heat exhaustion, while snow creates icy and slippery grounds that are not ideal for moving in. However, transitioning into senior living during the moderate temperatures of autumn will help you avoid the dangers of heat exhaustion and falls. 

Settle in before the holidays

Choosing to move in during the fall months leaves ample time before the holidays to settle in. You will have time to adjust to your new living space and senior living facility, as well as schedule time for friends and family to visit. By the time the winter holidays come around, you will be fully settled into your new home, and you can enjoy the holidays with zero stress about the move in process. You may also be able to enjoy the various social and community events that the senior living home will host during the holiday season.

Participate in various social activities

Senior living homes schedule multiple indoor and outdoor activities for their residents in the fall. If you choose to schedule your move in during the fall, you will have plenty of opportunities to engage with other residents at social events; many senior living homes host events ranging from group exercise classes to group luncheons.

While making the move to senior living can feel overwhelming, understanding the impact of timing can help you make the transition easier. Consider the autumn months a great time to start the process!


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Grace Matelich

Grace Matelich

Grace Kay Matelich is a trained Gerontologist who earned her Master of Science degree in Gerontology from the University of Southern California, a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from Vanderbilt University and a Certificate in Nutrition Science from Stanford University. Grace developed interest in the longevity sciences through her own complex health journey, and is passionate about the science of aging, the mind-body connection, illness prevention, and lifestyle interventions for age-related illnesses.

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