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Touring Senior Living Communities During the Holidays

The team at Seniorly is excited to share our top 5 reasons why you and your loved ones should tour senior living communities before - and not after - the winter holidays.

By Grace Matelich · Updated Jan 25, 2023

There’s No Time to Tour Like the Holidays

While touring senior living options may not be the first task on your holiday to-do list, the holiday season is a great time to explore your options. From the festive ambience of the senior living homes to the convenience of avoiding the influx of touring residents after the holidays, you and your loved one will be able to observe senior living homes in a fun and lively manner. 

Read through our top 5 reasons why you and your loved one should tour senior living homes in December.

Enjoy a lively and festive community

Senior living homes will typically be decorated for the holidays, so you and your loved one will be welcomed with festive decor. By touring during the holidays, you'll  also get a feel for how the community celebrates and what the environment is like at its liveliest.

Observe an abundance of activities

The holiday season also introduces packed schedules with a variety of activities for residents and their families. Use this opportunity to explore what types of entertainment and events are provided for residents, and socialize with current residents and their families to gain personal insight into the community.

Avoid the post-holiday rush

Families usually tour senior living homes after the holiday season. However, by touring before the holidays, you can avoid this influx of interested parties. Prior to January, senior living homes may have more room options for your loved one to choose from, as well as promotions for move-in specials (ex: discounted rent, waived application fee, etc.).

Include the entire family

Take advantage of your relatives being gathered together and explore senior living options together. Families can split up the responsibilities of research and touring, as well as provide different perspectives on senior living options and the most ideal next steps for your loved one.

Ask about rates

Many communities are working on projecting occupancy in the coming year, and some may even be offering to lock in rates for a portion or all of the coming year. By committing to move in December, you may be able to save some money on monthly rent in the coming year.

Use the positive energy of the holidays to your advantage

The holiday season usually puts people in a more positive mood in comparison to other times of the year. Use this better mood to your advantage and introduce new ideas about touring and exploring senior living options to your relatives and loved ones. Furthermore, you may experience a more cheerful mood at senior living homes as you tour, which may help reduce your family’s nervousness and fear of the unknown regarding a new living situation for your loved one.


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