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10 Father's Day Gifts for a Dad in Assisted Living

Find ten Father's Day assisted living ideas from Seniorly. From gifts ideas for an elderly father to ways to celebrate, make this day special.

By Emma Rodbro · Updated Nov 29, 2022

Chances are, your dad's assisted living community is already planning a celebration for Father's Day — but you definitely want to be part of the picture. Clearly, Dad doesn't need another tie at this stage in his life, so what do you get him to share your love and add to his enjoyment? Take a look at this Father's Day assisted living gift guide to get ideas for gifts your dad will actually use and enjoy in his assisted living community.

1. A Set of Grabbers

This is a wonderful Father’s Day present for elderly dads with limited mobility. Sometimes it's tough for elders to climb up on chairs or ladders, or to contort themselves into an awkward position when they've dropped something behind the sofa. Give your dad an extra hand — literally — by gifting him with a set of mechanical grabbers that help him reach that top shelf with ease.

2. Activity Books

Whether it's Sudoku, crossword puzzles, word search or other puzzle books, a pack of these are a great gift to challenge Dad's mind. Search out his favorites, whether he prefers challenging double crostics or puzzles based around sports teams, and include a package of pens or mechanical pencils to get him started.

3. Tickets to the Ball Game

You know your dad's favorite sports, so indulge his love of the game with tickets to a big match-up. Whether he prefers baseball, football, basketball, or hockey, you should be able to find a pair of good seats to your local pro or college team — a pair, because of course you're going to go along with him so you can cheer side by side.

4. Dad's Favorite Coffee

Get Dad his own electric kettle or even a coffee maker so he can make a refreshing cup of coffee any time he wants one, and top off the gift with a basket of top-of-the-line gourmet coffees. You can add a fun mug and some flavorings to make this a personalized assisted living Father’s Day gift idea.

5. A Unique Deck of Cards

Your dad probably gets into poker games with his buddies on a regular basis, so help him host the game in style with this unique gift. This can be an excellent personalized gift as decks of cards are available with all sorts of decorative and themed backs to highlight your dad's passions — and add some chips as well to complete the set. If Dad or his pals have trouble holding cards without showing their hand, check out playing card holders to keep them at the table.

10 Father's Day Gifts for a Dad in Assisted Living

6. Something Good to Read

Pick up the latest thrillers, mysteries or histories by Dad's favorite authors. You can buy him paperbacks to make them easy to hold or — even better — surprise him with an e-reader or tablet preloaded with his favorite books. One benefit that makes e-readers a perfect gift for elderly dads is the ability to change their font size. Or, if reading has become difficult, give Dad a subscription to Audible, so he can listen to new books every month.

7. A Netflix Subscription

Help Dad catch up on the latest movies and TV as well as revisit old favorites by getting him a subscription to Netflix. You can help him through the easy set-up process and show him how to find what he's looking for on the channel. A large-button remote control would be a great gadget to add to this gift that brings hours of enjoyment right to his room.

8. Comfy Clothes

One of the best parts of retirement is not having to put on a suit and tie every day, so help Dad make the most of it. Cozy pajamas are always welcome, but think about expanding your father's options a bit. If he's got an eye for trends, get him a pair of elephant pants to lounge around in during the daytime, paired with some soft tees or sweatshirts.

9. A Digital Photo Frame

With these snazzy frames, Dad isn't limited to looking at the same picture of the grandkids day in and day out. With this custom gift, every time you visit, you can upload a new batch of the latest photos so he can be reminded of how the kids are growing and what they're up to.

10. Gift Cards to Local Hot Spots

Help Dad enjoy his time away from the assisted living community by giving him a packet of gift cards for Father's Day. Buy him tickets to the movies so he can catch the latest summer blockbuster, and don't forget restaurant gift cards so he can enjoy a bite out. If you don’t live close, ask the activities director at his facility for suggestions on popular local places.

All these gifts are sure to be greatly appreciated, but the one, perfect gift Dad will appreciate most is your time. If your father lives in assisted living near you, set aside time to deliver your gifts for Father’s Day in person, and enjoy time with the guy who helped make you the person you are today.

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Emma Rodbro

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