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11 Caregiver Resources in Philadelphia

Discover 11 caregiver resources in Philadelphia with Seniorly. We've pulled together this list of helpful caregiver resources so you can find local support.

By Emma Rodbro · Updated Aug 08, 2022

Philadelphia is one of the largest metro areas in the northeastern United States. Residents of the City of Brotherly Love who serve as caregivers to their aging loved ones fulfill the very tenet of the city's long-held motto. There's no greater calling than helping a loved one age gracefully, and those who volunteer out of the goodness of their heart to help neighbors in need are equally deserving of recognition and assistance. Whether you're caring for a loved one or volunteering as a caregiver, finding the right resources to help you provide the best care can be difficult. Below are 11 helpful caregiver resources in Philadelphia to help care for seniors as well as your own personal emotional, mental, and physical well-being.

Caregiver resources

Alzheimer's Association Delaware Valley Chapter is the local chapter of the global Alzheimer's Association. Caregivers in Philadelphia have access to valuable resources through that can aid in providing better care to aging seniors. The Consumer Education programs, for example, offer education, guidance, empowerment, and recognition for caregivers.

11 Helpful Philadelphia Caregiver Resources


Aging Life Care Association Mid-Atlantic GCM is a network of private practitioners helping families find senior living in Philadelphia, and place seniors in a caring community designed to support their physical, mental, and emotional needs as they age. For Philadelphia caregivers with busy lives or who may even no longer live in the same region as their parents, this service helps caregivers connect with attorneys, nursing homes, physicians, and community agencies whose goals are to support aging loved ones. 

11 Helpful Philadelphia Caregiver Resources

Eldercare is a locator service that is administered by the US Administration on Aging. The goal is to connect Philadelphia caregivers and seniors with adult day programs, financial assistance specializes, and food & nutrition support. There are also tools and resources available for long-term care planning, advanced care planning, and links to help check for available senior benefits.

11 Helpful Philadelphia Caregiver Resources

Senior services

Philadelphia Corporation for Aging enables Philadelphia seniors to continue living an independent lifestyle, whether they're living at home or in the home of a caregiver. PCGS helps seniors age well, enjoy life, and remain as independent as possible through protective services, food & meal delivery, and even assistance with housing and healthcare. 

11 Helpful Philadelphia Caregiver Resources

A Place Like Home II offers companionship and care in its community so caregivers can take a day off from watching over a loved one, without having to sacrifice the quality of care seniors receive. Services here are geared toward those who need memory care in Philadelphia, or suffer from Alzheimer's and dementia, but there are also daycare programs onsite for seniors with physical disabilities.

11 Helpful Philadelphia Caregiver Resources

Active Day of Chestnut Hill gives caregivers a chance to relax, while offering mental and emotional stimulation to seniors. Through exercise, games, crafts, and entertainment, seniors enjoy an Active Day of care in a community that meets their medical needs, rehabilitation needs, and basic care needs.

11 Helpful Philadelphia Caregiver Resources

Barber National Institute Community-based Day Services is for adults and seniors with developmental disabilities. Rather than sitting in an adult day care center all day long, seniors get a chance to go out and engage with the local community just as they would have in their youth. Examples of available activities include participation in local clubs, volunteer opportunities, exercise and wellness groups, music/art therapy, and even movement therapy. 

11 Helpful Philadelphia Caregiver Resources

Menno Haven's Elder Day Care creates a structured environment in which Philadelphia seniors can engage with others and enjoy specialized care. The programs accommodate impaired adults and frail seniors with trained staff, nurses, and personal care attendants meeting their unique needs throughout the day. 

11 Helpful Philadelphia Caregiver Resources

Homelink Inc. is available daily from Monday to Friday to help seniors live a better life. There are recreation and leisure programs to restore, strengthen, and maintain physical and mental well-being. Professional services onsite include nursing care, social work, and primary care. There is also transportation to help seniors get to the center and local attractions.

11 Helpful Philadelphia Caregiver Resources


Mercy Neighborhood Ministries of Philadelphia Inc. looks after the needs of Philadelphia seniors over the age of 60. Whether seniors are struggling with health issues, disability, or frailty due to age, Mercy Neighborhood Ministries provides a personal care plan, nursing services, social services, computer activities, and delicious meals among its many options. Seniors enjoy a sense of belonging in the community with joy and peace of mind.

11 Helpful Philadelphia Caregiver Resources

Lutheran Settlement House Care's Program focuses on providing emotional, psychological, financial, and physical assistance to caregivers in Philadelphia, PA. Caregivers face an insurmountable task at times, and when exhaustion sets in their life can suffer as a result. CARES believes in reducing the stress on caregivers through support groups and valuable resources. 

11 Helpful Philadelphia Caregiver Resources

Now that you’ve explored these Philadelphia caregiver resources, take a look at our list of 16 apps and websites that provide home delivery services to seniors in the Philadelphia area.

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