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Top Social Worker Blogs

Find new voices to follow with our list of top social worker blogs. Seniorly highlights the hard work of social workers with this list of interesting blogs.

By Seniorly Editor · Updated Dec 20, 2022

Social workers are very special, invaluable people in our society. Since the 19th century, social workers have been responsible for the welfare of the communities they serve. In many cases, they come across dire situations that require them to remove someone from a harmful environment in order to protect them. Social workers run the gamut of specialties that include assisting children, battered women, people with disabilities and elders.

Though social work is both an academic and professionally practiced discipline, there is a very human and emotional side to an otherwise clinical philosophy. Social workers need a place to share their experiences and today, more than ever, there are numerous resources for them to express issues, trends, laws, and other discussion topics with their peers and society as a whole. Various blogs have become a popular platform for such expression.

Below is a list of some of the top social worker blogs that deal specifically with caring for seniors, sometimes known as geriatric social workers.

  • The New Social Worker: This online magazine features articles and posts delivered by social workers in the field. Here, licensed professionals discuss such things as ethics, field placement, technology, practice, careers, education and credentials.
  • National Association of Social Workers: The country’s official association provides a full resource blog that discusses all genres of social work, advocacy, marketing, etc.
  • University of Southern California, School of Social Work NewsBytes: They have a regular newsletter that touches on every type of social work, including challenges faced when transitioning between environments.
  • Do No Harm: This particular blog was started by a social worker from Singapore. Here, social workers discuss everything from a very personal perspective. Utilizing humor and humility makes this blog engaging and connected to the writer and his life’s work. He covers elder care and just about all other types of social work.
  • Social Work Career Development: This blog follows a woman reinventing herself on the road to becoming a social worker. It’s a good read for those looking to enter or change their careers to social work.
  • Social Work License Map: This goes well with the aforementioned blog, as it guides those interested in career in social work through getting certified and licensed.
  • Social Work Tech: Like just about everything in this digital world, there’s an app for that. Social work now finds itself immersed in technology. This blog is a great resource to follow up on apps and other online resources and tools related to social work to make navigating through various processes easier.

These social worker blogs offer a wealth of information and resources for those in the field or interested in pursuing the noble career of social work.

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