Seniorly Conversations: In-Home Care

Author: Jacqueline Hatch

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In the Seniorly Conversations series, Megan Heinen from Home Care Assistance shares some expert insight on the process of finding quality in-home care for aging loved ones.

In-home care is a great option for elders who would like to age independently and at home, but still require the type of assistance provided by a trained caregiver. In-home caregivers can help with housekeeping, companionship, and assistance for older adults who may not be able to handle the activities of daily living (eating, dressing, showering, etc.) on their own. In the Seniorly Conversations video, Megan discusses some of the signs that elders may no longer be able to care for themselves at home. Read on to learn more: 


Top 5 signs indicating that an older adult needs extra care:

  1. Increasing forgetfulness (could be a sign of Alzheimer’s/Dementia)

  2. Messy Home (basic housekeeping is too difficult)

  3. Poor Hygiene (could be a sign of cognitive impairment or mobility issues)

  4. Social Isolation (often a sign of declining conditions or mental health concerns)

  5. Falls & Injuries (due to risk factors in the home, loss of mobility)


It's wise to start the conversation early to prevent any health or safety issues that may arise as your loved ones age. If you are working as the primary caregiver for your aging relatives, an in-home caregiver can step in to allow you some well-deserved time off, whether it's for a week or just a day here and there as needed. 

If you are worried that an aging relative may no longer be able to care for themselves at home, feel free to reach out. Seniorly offers tons of resources to help elders remain healthy and active as they age, including resource articles on fall hazards and information on how to retrofit your home for seniors. For more information, email us at or call us for a free consultation at (415) 570-4370. We're happy to help!

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