Seniors Dance Battle with Millennials! (+Why We Made this Video)

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You might ask: Seniorly, you’re a business that connects seniors and families to senior housing communities. Why would you ever make a dance video?

Well, I’ll tell you. Here at Seniorly, we’re truly committed to our mission: helping seniors live happily. And that means achieving this mission in other ways beyond our business model. That’s why we made this awesome dance video.

However, this video was also a personal project of mine (Andrew, the intern) to debunk the myth of “millennials vs boomers.”

Before I joined Seniorly, I didn’t know how to approach any senior (basically anyone older than my parents), nor did I have much of a desire to. After all, seniors always seemed to enjoy producing article after article about millennials being the most entitled, laziest generation in history. Ever. I especially remember the time I saw TIME magazine’s cover, “The Me Me Generation.” That issue is definitely in a recycle bin somewhere.

It would seem that working at Seniorly would be the last thing that I’d want to do, but I gave it a shot. I knew that I had to change my not-so-positive presumptions about seniors.

And I’m glad I made that choice. Over these past few months of working with seniors, I’ve realized that both millennials and boomers have a lot to offer each other. Seniorly is the best example of this. Most of our team is (surprisingly) millennials, not older adults, and we’re using our experience as digital natives to build a powerful piece of tech for seniors. At the same time, the seniors have a lot to teach us about life because they have 40+ years of experience on us!

The creation of this video was a huge learning experience for me and all of my dancers (who are also college students). Seniors really can be as cool (or cooler) than us! It also seems that the “millennials vs boomers” issue is more a fabrication to gain hits than to address a real problem. So, the next time you see an article on the internet about “how millennials are _(insert negative opinion)_” or “how seniors are _(insert negative opinion)_”, I urge you to comment and show them this dance video! There’s no need for idioms like “kids these days.”

Biggest thanks to Pamela, Wyn, Lollie, and Michael for being the dancing seniors for this project. It was a hot day, but you all stuck through our antics and made this video a success. I also want to give a huge final thanks to my team, AFX Dance, for helping out with filming, dancing, and letting me be their director all the time.


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