Seniorly Stories: Charan Sijher

Author: Jacqueline Hatch

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Seniorly had the pleasure of sitting down with Charan Sijher, Marketing Director at Harvy’s Home Care in San Jose, California, for a brief interview about his community. He is a pleasant person to be around, always honest and straightforward, with the kind of youthful twinkle in his eye that makes it impossible to be upset in his presence.

As we began the interview, it was immediately clear how much care and effort Sijher puts into his community. “I don’t want to provide anything less than a home,” he says, emphasizing how the decor at Harvey Home Care is meant to mimic that of a typical American home.

He rocks back and forth on a porch chair as we speak, completely relaxed in his community. “When I come over here, when I see my seniors,” he says with a grin spreading across his face, “people are happy and they smile at me.” As someone who was once the primary caregiver for his own father, Sijher remains sympathetic and modest, never one to complain about the demands of his job. “I enjoy serving them,” he insists, “This is a blessing for me that I can serve their needs.”

As we listen to Sijher recite the residents’ daily schedules, we begin to wonder how he is able to satisfy the needs of people with so many different preferences. He explains that in terms of dining options, they try to feed residents filling, nutritious meals that appeal to a wide range of tastes. “If any residents have any special desires to eat food,” he assures us, “I go to the grocery store during the week.” And it is this kind of personal, compassionate care that makes Harvy’s Home Care such a great community. Residents feel at home in their environment, and families can find peace of mind knowing that their loved ones are taken care of.

Charan Sijher is an inspiration to Seniorly as we strive to support as many families, local business and caregivers as we can. The wisdom and experience he brings to his community is essential to their success. And we agreed wholeheartedly when he reflected and said:

“Serving the people. That’s the love of this business.” - Charan Sijher

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