Seniorly Conversations: Staying Social in Senior Housing Communities

Author: Jacqueline Hatch

| Published on: January,06 | Viewed: 2540 times



In our speaker series “Seniorly Conversations”, Seniorly Gerontologist Marlena del Hierro talks about socialization and its importance to remaining happy and healthy in senior housing communities.

As we age, social networks change and certain difficulties arise. For example, friends and family members may not be living nearby, and older folks may have a hard time staying connected while living independently. Two of the biggest obstacles are finding safe, reliable transportation, and staying engaged in the community. Fortunately, senior housing communities offer activities, events, and staff support, while encouraging resident participation in order to help elders remain socially connected as they age. 


The top five social benefits in senior housing communities:

  1. Many residents means more opportunities to make new friends.

  2. Activities such as art, music and fitness are made available to all residents.

  3. Transportation is provided to increase community engagement.

  4. Communities provide common dining spaces for residents to eat together.

  5. Interactions with staff members can lead to meaningful relationships.


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