Granny Hair: A Positive Attitude Toward Aging or a Passing Fad?

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| Published on: January,20 | Viewed: 2345 times


I’ve never been up-to-date on fashion trends, but as a Gerontology student, I can’t help but notice when young women start intentionally dyeing their hair gray. This trend is remarkable because it runs counter to the conventional American infatuation with youth. Haven’t we been told we need to be hiding our grays, not flaunting them? And certainly not paying upwards of $200 to obtain them!

This got me interested in the history of gray hair as a fashion statement. The first thing to come to mind was the trend of powdered hair and powdered white wigs among both men and women in 1700s France.This trend of gray or white hair on young aristocrats eventually spread throughout much of Europe and the early United States. Back then, silver hair was a symbol of wealth and status.

Given this history of gray hair, maybe these Millennial silver-haired fashionistas are just returning to their roots!

Or perhaps this trend represents a change in attitude towards aging in general. The Boomers are a generation that has always refused restrictive labels and challenged the status quo, and they definitely aren’t slowing down just because they pass the age of 65. That’s why at Seniorly, we go out of our way to find communities that respect individuality and promote an engaged lifestyle for all seniors. Maybe, thanks to this social shift, younger adults are starting to look forward to aging rather than fearing it.

What do you think? Is imitation the sincerest form of flattery, or should we wait to earn our grays?

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