Give Yourself a Break, Try Self-Compassion for Caregivers

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| Published on: October,19 | Viewed: 2196 times


How can you be so stupid?

Why didn’t you think that through?

How could you not expect this to happen?


Would you talk this way to a friend? Would you let anyone talk to you this way? Of course not! It’s rude, mean, and completely uncalled for.

But how often do you say these negative things to yourself -- especially when it comes to your caregiving responsibilities?

When you’re caring for an older adult, the job itself takes a lot out of you. Beating up on yourself only adds to your stress.

The emotional side of caregiving is a major reason for the high rate of caregiver burnout. It’s true that the physical tasks and never-ending to do lists are difficult to manage. But the thoughts and feelings you’re dealing with can be equally damaging to your health.

Our friends at DailyCaring describe what self-compassion is and why it helps improve your health. Also, they recommend tools that help you be kinder to yourself.

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