Beauty or Health?

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If you had to make a choice between the two, would you choose beauty or health?

The old saying, "nothing is more important than your health" rings so true these days! And while I hope 100% of us would answer in favor of health over beauty, unfortunately what we say and do are sometimes two different things! In our quest for beauty, we often do things that are definitely not in the best interest of our health.

We pick up weight and go on crash diets, we seek out chemical or surgical fixes, in the hopes of "perfection". Even when we know what's best for us, we don't always follow that path. As much as I try to be healthy, I can honestly say I know there are things I do that aren't good for me-like eating too much candy. I should probably give up coffee too, but I love it! And while I should exercise, I hate it with a passion. 

In recognizing my downfalls, however, I attempt to compromise. The key I have found is no extremes! Most of us cannot keep up with such a strict, perfect lifestyle and need some day to day exceptions. So aside from eating candy, I try to eat well - lots of fruits and vegetables, with very few carbs. With this I'm able to keep a steady weight and eliminate crash dieting. I limit my morning coffee intake to 2 cups (okay maybe 3 on some days!), but ditch the cream and sugar that I'd really prefer ;) Knowing I will never, ever, go to a gym, my "exercise" consists of running, dancing, and playing with my Grandchildren- hula hoops, jump ropes, it all counts! And in the beauty department, I try to stay as natural as possible.  Is it sometimes tempting to look at all the ads in magazines for the latest "fix" -- but is it worth it? I don't think so.

I also try to remember that so many things are also out of our control, including family history, childhood environments, etc. At almost 59, I do my best to stay healthy and feeling young. In this regard, Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy has been my personal life changer. Yet not everyone wants, or is a candidate, for it. Recently one of our customers shared that after battling Breast Cancer, and as a result of the estrogen risks, she could no longer take HRT and it led her to us, as she now needed a natural way to add fullness to her lips, (as estrogen loss can cause lip thinning).

I'd been thinking for awhile that I wanted our business to be able to give back in some way, and this customer gave me the inspiration that our little beauty product could do something positive, even if it’s just in a small way. We are hoping we can offer our Fullips lip enhancers to the very strong and beautiful women that have battled Breast Cancer and find themselves in this situation. While we clearly recognize that thin lips are the least of anyone's concerns after facing cancer, we hope that, if in some small way, it could be helpful to those who would like to add it to their daily beauty routine, then we are happy to provide it!

We launched a Kissing Cancer Goodbye campaign in honor of my Aunt Mary who fought a very long and hard battle against breast cancer. Every October, we make the enhancers in pink and give a portion of all those sales to a  cancer organization in hopes of finding a cure.

We also distribute enhancers to women who have faced breast cancer and feel like they would like to try these to avoid more chemicals, or because they are no longer HRT candidates. If you or someone you know is in this position, please email to my attention (Linda Gomez) and we will arrange to get a set out!

Please remember, nothing is more important than your health; always err on the side of health over beauty, because health is really what counts! 

Linda is a dedicated Mother of 6 and Grandmother of 3. At 58 years old, she embarked on the crazy adventure of becoming an inventor and entrepreneur. Looking for more natural beauty products for aging skin, she started by inventing a small, lip plumping beauty tool called Fullips. And more recently she launched her newest neck solution, Nexsey. Linda now runs Et Al Beauty, an international beauty company selling beauty products to over 50 countries. Spending time with her Grandchildren is her favorite thing to do.

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