6 Flexible Part-Time Jobs for Retired Seniors

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Working a part-time job is an excellent way to maintain your independence as you age. It’s also an opportunity for valuable social interaction, and can give you a wonderful sense of accomplishment in retirement. It can be challenging for seniors, especially veterans with disabilities to find rewarding, flexible work options, but there are more choices than you might realize. Here are a few ideas for part-time jobs accessible to retired seniors:

Become a dog walker.

Through dog walking, you can easily connect to people in your area who need their pups taken care of during the day. You choose the jobs you take, so you can easily work around your own schedule and abilities — if you can’t walk for extended periods, aim to work with smaller dogs who need less exercise, for example. It’s a great way to get out and meet people, even if it’s just chatting with a neighbor at the dog park. Exercise, fresh air, and an adorable companion — it’s tough to find a downside!

Freelance your work.

On Guru, you can find freelance work for just about any field. Writing, marketing, design, finance, and translation are just a few areas you can search for work. Create a profile describing the kind of work you’re looking for so employers can easily find you in a search. Or find jobs yourself by browsing through different categories and providing completed work samples to interested employers. You’ll collaborate to come up with deadlines and only take on as much work as you choose to. Go with the field you specialize in, or try something entirely new.

Be a stylist.

If fashion is your passion, help women find their own personal style through Stitch Fix. As a stylist, you’ll help your client try new trends and styles all from your own home computer. It’s personally rewarding because you’ll be boosting confidence by helping others create a look that’s all their own and makes them feel beautiful. It’s professionally rewarding because on top of the styling experience, you’ll have ongoing education and training through the website to stay current. And on top of everything else, you choose your hours and make it work for your schedule.


Become a sitter with UrbanSitter and help build your caregiving and social skills while spending time with awesome kids. Take jobs that fit around your schedule and even set your own rates. Tailor your jobs to your needs: for example, if you have a bad back and can’t lift young children, look for opportunities with older kids.


Becoming a tutor with Student Tutor gives you the opportunity to sharpen all kinds of skills. You’ll learn to communicate more clearly and effectively, how to troubleshoot problems with another person, and the importance of taking different approaches with different audiences. You can meet at a public library that’s sure to be accessible to your needs, or opt to do sessions online only.

Not totally sure what job you want?

Try different things! Use Virtual Vocations to find temp work in law, health care, accounting, human resources, marketing, consulting, and much more. Look for different opportunities in different areas: try technical writing one week and switch it up with data entry the next week. The best part is, all the jobs are remote and can be performed right from home. No commuting across town, and no worrying about having the necessary accommodations in your new workplace.

Finding part-time work is great; but finding flexible part-time work you enjoy that will truly fulfill you is even better! Keep these tips in mind when looking for accessible part-time work as you get older. 



Rebecca Moore is the co-founder of Able Rise, a site providing resources for those with disabilities as well as their loved ones. She is passionate about accessibility and the creation of better accommodations for those living with disabilities.

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