Top Five Religiously Affiliated Assisted Living Communities In Los Angeles

Author: Arthur Bretschneider

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Learn about living in a assisted living community in the Los Angeles Area geared to satisfy your flavor of religious needs


Although we gravitate more towards faith as we grow older and often realities of affordability and location drive the decision about choosing a retirement community. Assisted Living communities provide much needed care and support and accommodating religious preferences can sometimes be challenging. Here we explore some of these communities that rise to the challenge in the Los Angeles area. Every community listed here is non sectarian and non discriminatory and often retirement communities are a place where we make new friends from diverse backgrounds. Being in a community with other members of one's background allow one to explore the new with the comfort of the familiar. Los Angeles, with a large and diverse population, has lots of room for assisted living communities geared towards a specific group. Here are a few communities in the Los Angeles Area that cater towards religious living.

Los Angeles Jewish Home offers a full continuum of care in a loving environment. This includes medical care, fitness, and nutrition in a vibrant social, intellectual, and cultural environment. Residents at the Jewish Home enjoy shared or single rooms in two-story buildings  situated in a secure, park-like setting and find new friendships and life-enhancing activities in the Home’s warm and nurturing environment that offers support for their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. The Jewish home does not discriminate and is open to people of all faiths.

Garden Of Palms: If you’re a senior just looking to simplify your living arrangements, this Jewish affinity assisted living community lets you keep the daily routine and activities you’re used to, but makes your day easier by providing services like kosher meals and laundry. Garden of Palms is ideally located in west Los Angeles with convenient access to local shopping centers, theatres, and activities, making it a desirable Jewish retirement community in Los Angeles. They welcome residents of all faiths and diversity of population is high.

Founded more than a century ago as a retirement home for Baptist Ministers and Missionaries, Atherton Baptist Homes today serve residents that represent over 16 religious denominations, including friends from across the Christian spectrum, and those of Buddhist, Jewish, and other faiths racially diverse with friends representing over 25 ethnicities. It is common to find residents actively pursue times of Worship, Fellowship, Bible Study, Prayer, and Service with one another and it is equally common to find residents to choose to remain private about their beliefs and practices as there is no pressure or judgement.

The Los Angeles area is home to people of many faiths from all over the world and one can find one’s desired community even if it is not in the place of residence. Often Churches, Mosques Temples and other places of worship often arrange for transportation so a little bit of planning ahead will make it easier for you or your loved one to maintain your relationship with your Faith.

We believe there is a community for everyone, at all stages in life. If you need help in finding the right community, schedule a free consultation with our gerontologist here.

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