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Seniorly’s team of experienced writers and editors is responsible for creating the high-quality content that its readers enjoy. The team is made up of on-staff content managers as well as freelancers who work together with expert contributors to ensure that the content that is created advances Seniorly’s mission of helping as many seniors and their caregivers as possible through empathetic, expert guidance.

Arthur Bretscheider
Arthur Bretschneider
Co-founder & CEO at Seniorly, third-generation senior housing operator with 20 years experience

Arthur is a third-generation senior housing operator who has been devoted to the aging industry for over 20 years. After selling his family’s senior housing company, he held two financial analyst roles in real estate and finance companies. He then founded a consulting firm, assisting real estate developers and other financial institutions in entering the senior housing market. While pursuing his MBA at Berkeley-Haas, he created Seniorly to solve a problem he noticed while running his family's business. 

Arthur is part of two Forbes professional councils; the Young Entrepreneur Council and the San Francisco Business council.  He is a native San Franciscan, and when he isn't working he is usually at Crissy Field with his wife, two boys and their Jack Russell terrier and Golden Doodle.




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Stephen Anderson
Stephen Anderson
Chief Strategy Officer, digital marketing and sales leader, 5 years senior housing experience

Stephen has been a digital marketing, sales, and operations leader. A strategist at heart, he has built high performing solutions for brands large and small across challenging industries such as Insurance, Travel, and Personal Finance. As Seniorly's Chief Strategy Officer, Stephen draws on this experience to help families and senior living communities connect with the best possible outcomes. Originally from the north east, Stephen enjoys playing on the mountains and beaches of California with his wife, son and daughter.

Julie Pollard
Julie Pollard
Seniorly Graduate Intern, currently completing her MS in Gerontology from USC.

Julie Pollard (Seniorly Graduate Intern) is currently completing her MS in Gerontology from USC. Her interest in gerontology began when she worked as a weekend companion and caregiver for a 93 year-old woman. Prior to her graduate studies, she received her B.S. in Kinesiology from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and went on to assist in the development of an older adult exercise program. Julie enjoys doing work that lies at the intersection of her professional and academic interests.

Lydia Bruno
Lydia Bruno
Copywriter for Seniorly, with 5+ years experience in professional caregiving and senior housing

Lydia Bruno is a copywriter for Seniorly based out of Chicago, IL. Her background includes over ten years of technical writing, being a compassionate caregiver for over five years for seniors, and working within senior care facilities with a high level of dedication, care, and compassion for older adults and their families. Lydia’s passion for working with older adults brought her to Seniorly in 2021. When Lydia isn’t writing she is spending time with her husband and four daughters or enjoying time in her garden. 

Himani Verma
Himani Verma
Seniorly Partner Operations Associate, BS in Mechanical Engineering from Cal Poly Pomona

Himani is a Seniorly Partner Operations Associate. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. She joined Seniorly in 2021 and  handles Operations for both Partner Communities and Partner Agents. She is passionate about using technology to provide the best experience for families searching for senior living options. She is always excited to learn about new technology and how it can be used to help people.

Grace Matelich
Grace Matelich
Family Growth Operations Manager at Seniorly, MS in Gerontology from USC

Grace obtained her MS in Gerontology from the University of Southern California, in addition to a certificate in nutrition science from Stanford University and a BA in Philosophy from Vanderbilt University. At USC, her studies focused on the science of aging, the mind-body connection, prevention, and lifestyle interventions for age-related chronic illness. Driven to help people and places reach optimal multi-systemic health, Grace is an avid patient care advocate. She was drawn to the field of Gerontology through her own personal health crisis, which drove her to peel back the curtain on our medical system and the acute-care model.

Somkene Okwuego
Seniorly Graduate Intern, currently a candidate for an MA in Aging Services Management at USC

Somkene is currently a candidate for a MA in Aging Services Management from the Lenard Davis School of  Gerontology, at the University of Southern California (USC). In addition, she obtained her BS degree in Human Development and aging from USC as well. She was initially drawn to this field after having to help take care of her grandmother after she was sick. While granted the opportunity to learn about the neurodegenerative disease that affects older adults in high school, she was able to learn that she could make a career out of serving older adults. 

Marlena del Hierro
Marlena del Hierro
VP of Partnerships at Seniorly, MA in Gerontology San Francisco State University

Marlena del Hierro, VP of Partnerships & Gerontologist, brings over 10 years of experience to the senior care industry. She holds a Master of Arts Degree in Gerontology at San Francisco State University and obtained positions such as President of American College of Health Care Administrators and Treasurer of Gerontological Society of America during her research. 

She was selected as a scholar for the 2013-2014 LeadingAge California EMERGE program, which strives to prepare professionals to successfully lead highly engaged and innovative organizations. In 2011, she was part of the National Association for Professional Gerontologists in taking action on the Age-Friendly City Project for Los Altos and Los Altos Hill, CA. 

Marlena held a Residential Care Facility for the Elderly (RCFE) license and has supported the successful licensing of two RCFE communities in the Bay Area. She has worked in a number of positions within community settings, such as Activities, Program Development, and Regional Marketing and Sales roles. 

She joined Seniorly in 2015 and has supported the growth and operations for Seniorly's Customer Success and Partnerships for over six years, working closely with partner advisors on strategies that improve family engagement. 

Marlena is committed to improving the quality of care for older adults with a focus on creating new program models throughout the aging ecosystem. When she’s not running marathons across the country, you can find her swimming in the SF bay or at a local wine bar.



Sushanth Ramakrishna
Sushanth Ramakrishna
Co-Founder and CTO at Seniorly, nearly 10 years senior housing experience

Sushanth is a software engineer who has worked at both startups and large corporations with products used by a few hundred to a few million users. He met Arthur at business school at Berkeley-Haas and wanted to bridge the obvious technology gap he saw in the senior care industry. Through Seniorly, he aims to use technology to lighten the load for people who are making difficult elder care decisions. 

Seniorly is the fastest growing senior living marketplace in the US. Since its founding in 2014, Seniorly has reinvented the way people search for, choose and move into senior living communities, and has served over one million searchers. The company has more than 30,000 senior living community listings across the nation; assisted living, memory care, respite care, independent living and more. Seniorly’s commitment to create the best user experience is supported by more than 300 Partner Agents across the country. These senior living local experts provide, at no cost to families, their professional and customized in-person support through every step of the process.

Sushanth lives in Redwood City, CA and has been working in the senior living space since 2014. He is a proud member of the Forbes Technology Council where he authors articles on the intersection of technology and senior living. When he is not working, he is usually on the hunt for the best desserts throughout San Francisco and the Bay Area or out exploring the beautiful state of California.

Emma Rodbro
Emma Rodbro
Head of Growth Operations at Seniorly, MA in Social Work with focus on aging from UC Berkeley.

Emma has been passionate about aging since she was a child and has tailored her education and career to reflect that. Most recently, she graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with a Masters degree in Social Work with a concentration in aging. She also has a Bachelor's degree in Sociology and Public Health from Brown University, where she focused her studies on aging, as well. 

Emma has been working with seniors and in aging, unofficially volunteering since high school, and more officially since 2011, most notably at an internship with the New York City non-profit, DOROT, where she was awarded the “You made my day” award. While attending graduate school, she was a part of the UC Berkeley’s Center for Advanced Study of Aging Services (CASAS) working on research about Aging-Friendly Communities and at San Francisco’s premier Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly program, Onlok Lifeways. During her time at UC Berkeley, she was awarded the Latinx Center of Excellence honors award for her work with Spanish-speaking senior citizens. 

Emma is also very interested in how technology and aging intersect and spends much of her free time reading about startups and volunteering with others pursuing similar interests. Most recently, she served as an advisor on an Open Ideo Challenge about how we can use technology to assist senior citizens with osteoporosis. 


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Layla Murphy - Family Support Specialist-min
Layla Murphy
Family Support Specialist at Seniorly, graduate level thanatologist

Layla is a graduate level thanatologist and Family Support Specialist at Seniorly who has experience working in end-of-life care. She holds a Master’s Certificate in Death, Dying, & Mourning: Aging & Applied Thanatology from the University of Maryland, Baltimore and a  Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Arizona State University. She has developed and delivered lectures on topics such as Death & Bereavement in Lifespan Development, Navigating Peer Grief in High School, and Horticulture Therapy for the Aged. She is currently working towards becoming a Certified Thanatologist (expected completion: November 2022) through the Association of Death Education and Counseling.