Our Company - Helping Families and Individuals find the right Senior living options

Our Company

Helping Families and Individuals find the right Senior living options
Seniorly is committed to connecting our aging citizens with a home to love. We achieve this through a personalized experience built on industry expertise and powerful technology.
Baby Arthur
Our CEO, Arthur Bretschneider, is a third-generation senior living operator. He learned from his father, who learned from his father, how to create a personalized living experience that is respectful of someone’s history, attentive to their care needs, and focused on building community. A lot has changed for senior housing since his grandfather was a pioneer in 1950s. The senior living industry has grown rapidly giving consumers the ability to move into new homes that match their unique wants and needs to enable them to thrive. Despite this positive new reality, finding the right senior living options is a process that is often difficult, confusing, and frustrating. So, Arthur took on the challenge to solve this problem.

Our company is headquartered in San Francisco, a place where technology, innovation, diversity, and passion come together. We also seek knowledge and collaboration from around the world via our offices in Bangalore and London. We pride ourselves on our diversity both in professional expertise and personal culture. We believe that in honoring our aging family members we are building the best way for us all to age. Each member at Seniorly has a personal connection and commitment to our mission. Together, we have created a simple and personalized solution proven to help our parents and loved ones in the next stage of their lives to find a new home to love.

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We are doing this for our parents and grandparents, and we are committed to making life better for them however we can.

Seniorly in the Press

“Seniorly is launching a new tool designed to make booking a short-term stay in an assisted living community as easy as booking a room on a site like Hotels.com or Airbnb
Seniorly tracks assisted living openings to facilitate short-term stays in communities that traditionally only offer longer-term care options. This service helps fill gaps for assisted living facilities and bridge care options for senior citizens
Seniorly is a Yelp of sorts for Senior living options…Bretschneider’s familiarity with senior care may help set him apart from other referral companies that rely heavily on algorithms and far away call centers rather than industy expertise