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SeniorlyHQ is a lead management app created for Senior Living Advisors and their teams to manage their lead pipeline on the go. Learn about common features here.

By Seniorly Editor Updated on Jun 29, 2023
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Checkout SeniorlyHQ's highly rated features!
- New lead notifications directly to your phone.
- Accept/reject leads on the go.
- Update stage, add notes, and add tasks to manage leads.

Find commonly asked questions about SeniorlyHQ below. If you don't find what you need, please submit a request here

Lead Management FAQs

Where can I see families in “new”?

Open the app and go to 'Dashboard' (bottom left) and here you will see all our families in the new stage.


How can I see a lead's contact info?

In the lead's overview screen, you can see phone number and/or email under “contact info” section. You can tap the “Contact” button at the bottom to directly call, message, or email from your phone.


How can I update the stage of a family?

In the “Families” tab, open up the specific lead. Then, tap ‘Update Stage’ button. From here, you can change the stage or close the lead as you would in the CRM (discussing options, active tours, won, etc.).


Where can I add notes about the lead?

At the top, scroll to the right and click on the “notes” tab. Then, tap “Add Note” at the bottom to add information about the family for yourself and to update the Seniorly team.


Can I create tasks for myself and my team?

Yes! You can go the 'tasks' tab in the family details screen and tap ‘Add’. Enter the details of the task and tap ‘Save’. You can assign this task to yourself or a team member. This task will be automatically related to this family.

Account Management FAQs

How do I login if I am a current Partner Advisor with Seniorly?
To login, use your existing Seniorly email and password as you would with our current CRM on desktop.


How can I set vacation dates?

Go to Settings (bottom right button), then tap “Vacation mode.” Enter in the start and end date of your vacation and click save at the bottom. 


How do I sign up to become a Partner Advisor with Seniorly?
Visit to apply and our team will contact you.

How do I reset my password?
Go to Settings (bottom right button)
Tap Password

Enter in your current and new password.

How do I deactivate my account?
Please reach out to our team at to deactivate your account. 

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