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How to Find Lasting Love in Assisted Living

Assisted living communities bring new opportunities, new friends, and sometimes, new love. Discover helpful tips for lasting love in your new assisted living home.

By Seniorly Editor Updated on Jul 10, 2023

Assisted Living: Tips for Finding Lasting Love

True love has no age limit, and sometimes you find love in unexpected places. Companionship and intimacy are essential at every age, and senior living actually offers many great opportunities to find lasting love. Anecdotal evidence shows that many seniors have active romantic lives, and these communities often bring couples together. Although moving to an assisted living community is no guarantee that you’ll find your soulmate, there are a few things you can do to increase your chances of finding lasting love in your new home.

New beginnings offer new opportunities

If you’d really like to find someone special, the first step is to view your move to an assisted living community as a new beginning that offers new opportunities. Many seniors don’t love the idea of moving to a senior living property at first, yet once they get settled, they find that they enjoy the amenities, the extra help with housekeeping and meal prep, and the perk of social interaction.

Although it may be a significant change, this move offers the chance to meet a brand-new circle of friends. Most communities offer special welcome events designed to introduce you to other residents. Get involved with those new-resident activities. Embrace the new and take advantage of the new social circle – you just might find someone with whom you fall in love.  

Make your mealtimes count

Are you looking for someone to love? Don’t hole up in your room for meals. Get out and enjoy having meals with people in the community. It’s a great way to break the ice and meet others. Mealtime is a comfortable, familiar setting that fosters companionship. Start out by having meals with larger groups of people. As you find residents who share your interests, consider having more intimate meals with them so you can get to know them better. Spending time together at meals may turn into something more, and a relationship may begin to evolve on its own.

Get involved in group activities

Get involved in the group activities offered by your assisted living community. This is the perfect option if you feel a bit intimidated by the prospect of getting to know other singles. Group activities are a lot of fun, and they’re low pressure. Movie nights, afternoon bingo, sports events, or other events let you relax and have a great time while still giving you the opportunity to meet others. Don’t just attend a couple of events. Go to as many as you can. Having fun with others regularly allows bonds to form and makes way for relationships to develop. 

Ask about mixers and events

Some communities provide mixers like speed dating or “senior proms” for singles to attend. If you’re not sure if these events are offered by your community, ask about them. Attending mixers allows you to let others know you’re single and gives you a chance to find out who the other singles are. It’s the perfect time to get to know people better and take a step towards dating.

Share with others to form new relationships

If you want to form a new relationship, you have to get beyond the small talk and begin sharing with others. Meaningful conversations are crucial. Don’t be afraid to open up and share your memories and experiences with others. Ask others about their past loves, travel adventures, and views on life. Remember, sharing is one of the quickest ways to begin building close relationships with others.

Remember love goes beyond romance

While you may be looking for lasting love, remember that love goes beyond romance. Some seniors may meet someone, fall in love, and pursue a lasting romantic relationship. Other seniors find deep connections with others and have rewarding platonic friendships that enrich their lives. Your new community provides you with the adventure of meeting like-minded individuals who may become potential sweethearts or treasured friends.

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