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9 Meal & Grocery Delivery Apps for Seniors

Discover nine apps that offer meal and grocery delivery to seniors. Seniorly can help you find the right grocery or meal delivery app for your needs today.

By Sushanth Ramakrishna Updated on Apr 27, 2023

Sometimes you just don't feel like cooking — but you still feel like eating. Hey, there's an app for that! All around the United States, companies are ready to head to the grocery store on your behalf and bring groceries, meal kits or fresh-cooked meals right to the door of seniors, whether you're in assisted living or living at home.

We've spent six months researching apps for seniors that can help seniors get grocery delivery, find fun things to do and stay connected to local events and news. You'll find many of these apps in our city guides , but here are nine to get started with that are available in most cities around the U.S.

1. What a Crock

Got a slow cooker? With What a Crock, prepare a home-cooked meal in any living arrangement with the utmost of ease with this handy app that lets you dial up a meal and get it delivered, all ready to pop into your Crock-Pot. (They'll even deliver a slow cooker if you don't have one already!) This is a great way to cut down on prep and clean up, but still have a home-cooked meal delivered to seniors.

9 Grocery and Meal Delivery Apps for Seniors

2. InstaCart

Save yourself all the time and hassle involved with grocery shopping when you place an order with InstaCart. Thousands of items are available from your favorite local stores, including Ralphs/Kroger, Whole Foods, Costco, Target, and more. All your produce is hand-picked, and you can get your delivery within one to two hours. InstaCart is available in 18 major cities so far, and expanding rapidly, making it a popular choice for grocery delivery for seniors.

9 Grocery and Meal Delivery Apps for Seniors

3. PostMates

What do you need? A delicious meal for two from your favorite bistro? How about the half-gallon of milk you forgot at the store? Or a bottle of wine to cap off dinner? Whatever it is, PostMates is ready to deliver it to you, all in an hour or less. With connections to more than 25,000 restaurants and shops, PostMates picks up what you want and gets it right to you — and you can even watch your personal courier's progress across town on the iOS or Android app.

9 Grocery and Meal Delivery Apps for Seniors

4. Amazon Pantry

Seniors who are Amazon Prime members can get all their household essentials delivered straight to their door via Amazon Pantry. Cleaning supplies, health care items, office supplies and pet supplies are also available for fast delivery.

9 Grocery and Meal Delivery Apps for Seniors

5. Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels has been delivering hot meals and companionship to seniors all over the country for more than 60 years, focusing on those who can't prepare their own meals. There's a waiting list in some communities, so sign up now if you need a hand.

9 Grocery and Meal Delivery Apps for Seniors

6. DoorDash

Local restaurants can now deliver to assisted living communities nearby. Just pair your favorite spots with your smartphone, and before you know it, DoorDash is satisfying your cravings by delivering dinner right to your door. Seniors can use their computers as well to enjoy everything from sushi to burgers to tacos, making this choice perfect for in-home care.

9 Grocery and Meal Delivery Apps for Seniors

7. Paleo on the Go

If you have auto-immune issues or want to stick to a paleo diet for your health, Paleo on the Go is your convenient answer to meal delivery for seniors. Hand-crafted meals are made from locally sourced, sustainable foods and delivered ready for a quick reheating.

9 Grocery and Meal Delivery Apps for Seniors

8. UberEats

More food delivery options await you from UberEats, which uses Uber drivers to pick up your favorite dishes from local eateries. Each delivery order gives you an estimated delivery time, and you can track your driver as dinner approaches your senior living community.

9 Grocery and Meal Delivery Apps for Seniors

9. Magic Kitchen

If you need to follow a special diet — diabetic, vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free and more — you'll be delighted with Magic Kitchen's unique offerings. The chefs here also prepare single-serving meals designed just for seniors, all ready for immediate reheating.

9 Grocery and Meal Delivery Apps for Seniors


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