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15 Ways to Celebrate Mother's Day in Assisted Living

Looking for ways to celebrate Mother's Day with your mom? Check out these fifteen great ideas from Seniorly that are perfect for assisted living residents.

By Lydia Bruno · Updated Jan 19, 2023

For many of us, Mother's Day is a perfect time to show our appreciation for the women who have nurtured and supported us throughout our lives. For some, celebrating Mother’s Day may require visiting mom in an assisted living facility.

Whether your mom is able to leave for the day, she must stay in due to physical limitations, or if you can’t be near her due to distance, you can still find ways to make this a special day for her. Here are some Mother’s Day activities for all three situations and how to create a Mother’s Day celebration with some great Mother’s Day gifts in assisted living.

5 ways to celebrate Mother’s Day with mom outside of assisted living

If your mom is mobile and able to leave assisted living for the day here are some activity ideas on how to make Mother’s Day a special day for her. 

  • Go out to eat. This is probably the most popular of all activities for Mother’s Day. You and your family members can take mom out for brunch or a family meal depending on what she likes best. Does she have a favorite restaurant you can take her to? Does she have a favorite meal? Make sure to make reservations ahead of time since this is such a popular idea. 
  • Have a picnic. If your mom loves the outdoors, what a perfect way to spend the day. Find a quaint park and set up with some lunch, a cute blanket, and a bouquet of flowers.  
  • Dinner and a movie. When was the last time you took your mom out on a date? Dinner and a movie would be a great idea for a date night. Let her pick both the restaurant and the movie and enjoy your time together. 
  • Walk around the farmer’s market. Want to make Mother’s Day special? What a lovely day it would be walking around looking at all the fresh, locally grown produce, cheeses, fresh-baked bread, flowers, and homemade jams. You can enjoy the morning by taking a leisurely stroll and enjoying the fresh air together while supporting local farmers. This would be a great way to start your weekend off right.  
  • Visit the Botanical Gardens. Buying a bouquet is nice but bringing mom to the garden is even better. Spend the day in the beautiful botanical gardens and stop to have a picnic along the way. The best gift of all is getting to spend the day with her.  

6 ways to celebrate Mother’s Day inside assisted living

There is a multitude of ways to show mom how much she means to you by doing activities in the comfort of her senior living community. Here are six ideas.

  • Have a spa day. If going to the spa is not an option then why not just bring the spa to mom. She deserves a little pampering. You can pamper mom with face masks, foot soaks, massages, and even some nail polish for a manicure. Make sure to have all of your materials prepared and ready to pamper. Don’t forget a nice cozy robe to relax in!
  • Have a picnic. You can sit outside (weather permitting) or have a picnic inside with the right supplies. Grab all of mom’s favorite finger foods, treats, and a cute blanket and you can make your own picnic party right inside of the assisted living community. 
  • Get crafty. Does your Mom like to keep busy with crafting projects? Ask her ahead of time what her favorite crafting project is. Does she like to knit or scrapbook? Prepare all of the items in advance so all mom has to do is participate.  
  • Let’s do a puzzle. You don’t have to limit yourself to just puzzles. You can also play board games or cards. Puzzles can be fun for all ages as you visit mom/grandma on her special day. Grab a cup of tea and see how much of the puzzle you can complete within the time you spend together. Once it is completed make sure to frame it as a reminder of the time you spent together. Puzzles also can make great wall decor for mom’s room. 
  • Stream a musical or ballet performance. There are many performances you can stream on Youtube. If your mom has a favorite band you can stream an online concert. There are also several musicals, ballet performances, and much more you can watch while spending time with mom and the family. 
  • High Tea. Is your mom a fan of tea? Why not have a high tea party? The family can join in or mom can invite some of her friends for a spot of tea. Make sure to bring her favorite varieties of tea as well as snack foods, finger sandwiches, and maybe some sweets.

4 Mother’s Day activities for long-distance families

If you are not able to attend Mother’s Day in person then consider some of these long-distance ideas. 

  • Send mom flowers. All moms have a favorite type of flower or bouquet. Make sure to order early enough so she receives it right on time for Mother’s Day. 
  • Video call. Zoom, Facetime, or Skype your mom and make it a family affair. Mom would not only like to talk and catch up with her children, but she would love to see and catch up with her grandchildren as well. 
  • Order a meal. Thanks to all of the new technology you can order out mom’s favorite foods and have them delivered right to her door. Or you can always just call the restaurant and order to get it delivered right to her nursing home. 
  • Care package. If you can’t be with mom on Mother’s Day consider sending a care package. You can load it up with all of her favorite things instead of sending a traditional bouquet of flowers. You can pack homemade cards from the grandkids, a gift certificate to her favorite restaurant or store, and maybe some recent framed photos of you and your family. Sending a home video is also a great way to connect with mom if you can’t be there in person.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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