4 Assisted Living Communities near Sacramento

In the Sacramento area, we found 231 Assisted Living Properties you might love. Also, there are 16 Independent Living Communities, and 20 Memory Care Communities..

Apple Ridge Assisted Living

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3950 Annadale Ln, Sacramento, CA
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Suite  ·  Studio  ·  One Bedroom
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Assisted Living  ·  Independent Living  ·  Respite Care  ·  Memory Care
Apple Ridge Assisted Living is a senior community that offers supportive services for residents who may need a little extra help with the activities o

Walnut House

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3401 Walnut Avenue, Carmichael, CA
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Assisted Living  ·  Independent Living  ·  Respite Care
Welcome to Walnut House! Walnut House is dedicated to the maintenance of dignity and self-worth, to the enjoyment of life, and to the promotion of

The Elderly Inn I

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5206 Robertson Ave., Carmichael, CA
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Assisted Living  ·  Board and Care Home  ·  Memory Care  ·  Respite Care
Welcome to Elderly Inn! Our expertise and resources are focused on providing innovative care our residents and offer emotional support to their famili

Harmony Home Care

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7900 Bellingrath Dr., Elverta, CA
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Assisted Living  ·  Board and Care Home  ·  Respite Care
At Harmony Home Care, we make caring for your loved one our highest priority. Our community is located in Elverta, which is close to a beautiful park

What is Assisted Living?

Each state maintains its own definition of senior living communities based upon the level of care provided. The state of California has a very precise definition of assisted living communities. According to the Compendium on Residential Care and Assisted Living Regulations and Policy the state of California provides, assisted living is “a housing arrangement chosen voluntarily by the resident or a family member where varying levels of care and supervision are provided.”

Generally speaking, assisted living communities offer a place for Sacramento seniors to maintain independence while enjoying scheduled activities and structured programs that promote emotional, mental, and physical well-being. In addition, you can look to assisted living communities to provide assistance with a range of activities of daily living (ADLs). Activities of daily living typically include six basic categories:

  • Eating
  • Bathing
  • Dressing
  • Bathroom assistance
  • Transfers
  • Continence issues

Services Available in Assisted Living Communities in Sacramento

The variety of services available in a given assisted living community depends upon the cost of living in the community and quality of the programs offered. Some assisted living communities provide basic assistance with ADLs and ensure that all residents have access to quality meals three times per day. Other assisted living communities will go a step further, providing the aforementioned amenities along with onsite extras such as salons, spas, fitness centers and recreational programs. Some may even offer bars, bistros, cafes, and scheduled social and cultural programs.

Getting Ready to Move to Assisted Living in Sacramento

Once you've selected the right assisted living property for your needs, it's time to prepare for the move. A good first step is to make an appointment with your doctor and have loved ones join you if necessary. Meeting with your doctor ensures that your medical condition has been assessed and is up to date before moving into a new assisted living property. This information can be valuable to both your loved ones and the caregivers in your new assisted living community. Additionally, be sure to consider the following factors:

  • Your home: Will you sell your existing home, rent it out, or leave it to family? Most seniors opt to sell their home to relieve the stress of dealing with it.
  • Hire movers: Decide which household items your new assisted living accommodations can handle, hire movers to aid in the physical relocation of items, and consider selling or donating excess items.
  • Vehicles: Do you have a car to get rid of? Since many assisted living communities provide transportation around town, it may be wise to sell your car or give it to a family member.

How Much Does Assisted Living Cost in Sacramento?

The cost will be just as important in your decision-making process as the services and amenities available in assisted living. At Seniorly, we offer a comprehensive rundown here of costs and pricing figures you can expect to encounter as you and your loved ones compare various properties. For example, think about these basic pricing terms that come into play:

  • Community Fee: This type of fee is charged at most assisted living facilities and typically covers the costs associated with residents moving in.
  • All-Inclusive Pricing: As you compare prices, you’ll find that all-inclusive pricing offers a straightforward cost analysis because it comprises one rental fee to cover all monthly expenses as a resident of the community.
  • Monthly Rent plus Care Fees: The opposite of all-inclusive, this type of pricing shows you a monthly rate up front that will appear lower, but could cost you more in the long run. That occurs because the community separates traditional room-and-board costs from extra care fees to cover services and amenities used by you as a resident.

As you and your loved ones compare various assisted living communities, remember that the level of care and type of property will impact the cost whether you pay an all-inclusive rate or monthly rent plus care fees. The following are examples of different types of communities, listed from the least expensive to the most:

  • Basic Communities: These facilities offer no extra frills with your living experience, while still providing for basic needs and assisting with ADLs. Typically, these communities lack onsite amenities such as pools, fitness centers, and movie theaters.
  • Boutique Communities: Considered the sweet spot by many, boutique assisted living offers comfortable, private living with high-quality meals, exercise classes and fitness facilities, and a variety of enrichment classes and social activities.
  • Luxury Communities: Almost like living in a resort year round, luxury assisted living communities have it all. You’ll get assistance with ADLs, enjoy comfortable living accommodations, and have all the greatest amenities, classes, and activities you could hope for in one place.

Keep in mind that costs are also determined by local economic factors. The national median cost for assisted living per month was $3,628 in 2017. The statewide average for California is above the national median, coming in around $4,000 per month.

Our local Seniorly Partner Agents often have the ability to negotiate monthly rent and fees on your behalf at many of the communities you might be interested in. This is a free service to you. To connect to a Seniorly Partner Agent email us now at ask@seniorly.com or call (866) 855-4515.

Assisted Living vs. Other Types of Senior Care Facilities

It’s important that you and your loved ones carefully evaluate your physical, emotional, and mental needs before selecting an assisted living community. While many seniors do just fine in the average assisted living setting, you may want to take the time to compare assisted living to other types of care and other care facilities before making a final choice. Here’s a rough breakdown of varying options:

  • Independent Living: Independent living communities are great if you're still physically fit and capable of handling all your own ADLs.
  • In-Home Care: For those seniors who want to remain in their home, independence is possible with basic care in the home courtesy of professional caregivers. There’s no assistance with ADLs in most cases, but you can have house cleaners come or groceries delivered to ease some burdens.
  • Memory Care: For those seniors suffering from early stages or advanced Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia, memory care facilities offer safe living accommodations with programs designed to provide enrichment while helping residents cope with the effects of memory issues
  • Hospice Care: This is a level of care designed for those facing a terminal illness. The focus is to offer comfort to residents as they approach the end of life.

Helpful Apps and Websites for Assisted Living in Sacramento

Whether you choose to remain in your own home for the near term or opt to move into an assisted living community in Sacramento, there are apps and websites that can help you make the most of your situation and remain as independent as possible. For example, consider the following options:

  • 211 Sacramento is a local community link online program that provides a variety of services to Sacramento seniors. You can learn more about local senior communities, coordinate Friendly Visiting from local volunteers as a social outlet, or obtain legal assistance.
  • Tag Mobile’s free smartphone program for Sacramento seniors ensures local seniors remain connected to the local community and family members, as well as providing access to mobile apps and services.
  • Uber to help you get where you need to go without waiting for arranged transportation.

Resources for Caregivers in Sacramento

As the loved one of a Sacramento senior, you might find life is full of stress. It is a great deed to be there for a senior loved one in order to provide care, compassion, and companionship, but it’s also important to look out for yourself. Whether you need to arrange adult day care for your loved one so you can take a break to focus on your own well-being or you want to sit in on a support group of peers in a similar situation, the following caregiver resources can help:

  • Del Oro is a caregiver resource center that covers the 13-county area around Sacramento. You can find specialized information, case management services, and help to arrange respite care.
  • Family Caregiver Alliance California Chapter offers support materials and information to Sacramento caregivers.
  • California Department of Health Care Services provides caregivers with a range of support options.

Government Resources for Seniors in Sacremento

As alluded to above, the capital city of California provides a lot of resources to you and your loved ones. Whether you’re a senior trying to find the right assisted living situation or a loved one helping a senior parent with this decision, the city and county of Sacramento, along with the state government, are standing by to help as well with the following options:

  • The City of Sacramento offers a range of community resources, as well as agencies and programs to help local seniors.
  • The City of West Sacramento and the government of the County of Sacramento also provide a wealth of community resources, area programs, and connective links to local agencies for you and your loved ones to tap into for assistance and support.

Sacremento Demographics

Sacramento doesn’t get the attention of Los Angeles, San Francisco, or even San Diego in the state of California, but it is no less important to the state. Sacramento is the capital of California and the seat of government for Sacramento County. The city itself is the 6th largest in the state and 35th largest in the United States. The estimated population of the city in January 2018 was 501,344, with a total of 1.529 million people in greater Sacramento County. The city’s demographics are predominantly white, non-Hispanic individuals (45%), while Hispanics account for 26.9% and African-Americans make up 14.6% of the population. Like many other West Coast cities, Sacramento also has a robust Asia-Pacific Islander community, with 18.3% of the population identifying as Asian followed by 1.4% Pacific Islander.

Sacramento Weather

Sacramento’s weather has been described as “Mediterranean” by some who live in the area. The city and its surrounding area experience moderately warm summers, with cool, damp winters. The average maximum high temperature is 73.6 degrees, while the average minimum temperature is 49 degrees. The average rainfall in the area is 19.6 inches per year.

Transportation In and Around Sacramento, CA

Getting around the city of Sacramento is easier than you might imagine. Though it is among the smaller metropolitan areas in California, Sacramento is served by Sacramento International Airport which handles 10.9 million passengers annually. The city also has a light rail system that consists of 36.87 miles of track and three mainline systems. Sacramento Regional Transit coordinates the light rail system, its schedules, and stations. SRT also coordinates handicap-accessible services in the city and controls Sacramento’s bus fleet.

Fun Facts About Sacramento

If you’re a fan of American history and odd facts, then Sacramento is the town for you! Did you know that Sacramento is actually the sixth capital of California? In fact, Sacramento was the capital in the past, dropped for a period of time, and then reselected as the state capital city. Moreover, the historic Pony Express which was once used to connect various US Army outposts and cities across the west as the nation expanded, originated in Sacramento. The network of mail delivery originated in Sacramento and stretched to Missouri.

Sacramento Hospital Information

Sacramento is home to a total of 10 hospitals, with the Sutter Health System ranking 7th in the United States in terms of quality among non-profit hospital systems. Sutter Health includes a total of 26 hospitals, not all of which are located in Sacramento, but it does deliver a wide range of services and expertise through its hospital and clinic locations in the city and county. Dignity Health operates a total of six hospitals in the Greater Sacramento Area, each one providing specialized care for various conditions and levels of health.

Assisted Living Community Ratings, Inspection Reports, and User Reviews for Sacramento

As you and your loved ones compare the many assisted living communities in Sacramento, take time to review assisted living community ratings, check inspection reports from state and local government agencies, and go online to look for user reviews. The California Senior Care Licensing Program licenses and monitors all assisted living and residential care facilities in the state. You can find out about their licensing programs and monitoring of assisted living facilities and communities here.

While state monitoring and reviews are a critical layer of oversight, the power of the individual is something that should not be overlooked either. The state of California and its monitors check the nuts and bolts of assisted living, but if you want to know what life is really like in these communities, you should go straight to the source. Websites such as Yelp, Google, Facebook, and our own site at Seniorly.com offer member reviews from individuals and family members of residents that have experience with these communities.

Finally, before you make a decision on assisted living, be sure to take a tour. Going into the community you might call home is important in helping put your mind at ease about your final choice. As you go on a tour, don’t pass up the opportunity to ask some important questions. We’ve got a full list available here, and feel free to start with the following:

  • What furnishings are provided in the rooms?
  • What types of training do staff members have?
  • Does the food menu vary from day to day?
  • Is smoking allowed in the community?
  • What types of activities are available to residents, and how often are they available?